Alabama priest who fled to Italy with teen he later married is expected to be defrocked

Priest who fled to Italy with teen and later married her faces expected defrocking in Alabama

Court records indicate that a man, formerly a Catholic priest from Alabama, has married an 18-year-old woman who he traveled to Europe with over the summer.

According to records obtained by from the Mobile County Probate Court, Alex Crow, who is 30 years old, and Taylor Victoria Harrison, who is 18 years old, got married last Friday.

According to The Associated Press, a marriage certificate was filed in Mobile County on Monday. The license indicated that the woman recently turned 18 years old in June.

During his time at McGill-Toolen High School in Mobile, Harrison had the opportunity to attend lectures given by Crow, who was a guest speaker at the school. Recent reports from suggest that the two even traveled to Europe together for a period of four months during the summer. Their shared experience abroad undoubtedly strengthened their bond and provided them with invaluable life experiences.

On Wednesday, Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi of the Archdiocese of Mobile issued a statement in response to the marriage of Crow and Harrison.

According to, Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi made an announcement in July, stating that Alex Crow had been suspended and was prohibited from acting, dressing, or presenting himself as a priest. The statement also revealed that the Archbishop saw no path for Crow to return to the priesthood. In addition, it was mentioned that the Vatican would formally remove Crow from his position as a member of the clergy.

According to a recent report by the AP, the Mobile County District Attorney has closed an investigation into possible criminal activity between the two parties earlier this month.

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