Health officials discover a new COVID-19 variant in NYC

Health officials discover a new COVID-19 variant in NYC

NYC- Health experts in New York City are raising concerns over a new variant of COVID-19 that has emerged in the area. The situation has prompted officials to issue warnings to the public.

According to recent reports, the city sewage has been found to contain the new variant of COVID-19, known as BA.2.86. This particular strain has already been making its way across the United States, and its discovery in the sewage system is a concerning development.

According to the city’s health commissioner, even though no residents have been found with the new variant, there is still a possibility of it posing a threat. Additionally, the state has reported an increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations.

According to health officials, COVID-19 cases are currently increasing in New York. To combat this, they are urging all eligible individuals to receive the updated vaccine as soon as it becomes available next month.

The authorities are currently conducting an investigation to determine whether the latest variant is more hazardous than its predecessors.

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