Major Forest Fire Encroaches on West Lake Complex

A Significant Forest Fire Approaches the West Lake Complex

Louisiana (ucreview) – An enormous forest fire broke out this afternoon near Houston River Road, causing damage to around 10 to 12 acres. The Westlake Fire Department and other fire departments such as Carlyss, Houston River, Lake Charles, and Ward Six are working tirelessly to combat the fire located at LA 379, just west of Independence Road. To aid in their efforts, privately owned bulldozers and nearly 20 firefighters have been called in to help control the spread of the fire.

According to reports, the fire is being pushed to the east by the wind, and it’s now making its way towards the Old Spanish Trail and the Sulphur community. Following the wildfire on the western end of their Lake Charles Chemical Complex (LCCC), Sasol has activated its emergency response protocol.

Woods fire ignites near Houston River Road

Fortunately, no injuries have been reported so far, and operations at LCCC are unaffected at this time. Fire Chief Dean Lappe and other authorities are working tirelessly to contain the fire in the next few hours.

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