NYPD officer breaks down after saving distressed man on Harlem ledge, 'I've been in your shoes'

After rescue distraught Harlem ledge man, NYPD officer breaks down, ‘I’ve been in your shoes’

On Thursday, the NYPD released bodycam footage of officers engaging with a suicidal man in West Harlem. The intense conversation between the officers and the man lasted for nearly 40 minutes before ESU officers arrived on the scene to rescue him.

Officer Carl Fayette empathized with the difficult situation and assured that there are solutions available. As a member of NYPD, he emphasized the abundance of resources at their disposal and promised to use every possible means to provide assistance. He shared this during a three-minute recap of the rescue and made a heartfelt promise to help in any way possible.

As the bodycam footage rolls, we witness Officers Fayette and Eleodoro J. Mata exhibiting remarkable patience and composure while attempting to persuade a man to climb down from an overpass on Riverside Drive, close to West 130th Street.

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