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First home for young girls rescued from Human Trafficking opens In Southern Alabama

In Mobile, Alabama, a haven has been established to rescue girls from the horrors of human trafficking. This shelter is now open and ready to provide a secure and nurturing environment for those victimized.

Alabama’s state now has a one-of-a-kind rehabilitation centre called Camille Place. Visit their website at https://www.camilleplace.com/ to learn more.

Chris Ziebach was moved by an inner calling eight years ago to construct a shelter for girls saved from the horrors of human trafficking.

Last year, Ziebach wasted no time in getting started.

As soon as the call came in about a 10-year-old child who had been rescued and needed a place to stay, she knew it was a sign from God. Without hesitation, she felt the urge to help and sprang into action. “We have to do this now,” she said, driven by her passion to make a difference.

Ziebach pointed out the lack of a home specifically for young girls despite two homes for rescued women. “I heard there were two homes for women rescued- but there was nothing for young girls. There was a high need for a home for minors,” she stated.

The shelter, Camille Place, is dedicated to a woman from the area whose life was cut short.

“According to Ziebach, Camille passed away after being involved in a car accident and now rests with the Lord. Camille devoted to empowering and assisting girls saved from human trafficking.”

The noble mission of Ziebach drew the interest of Men and Women of Action in northern Alabama. A member of the organization took the initiative to assemble a dedicated team to support the cause.

First home for young girls rescued from human trafficking opens in southern Alabama

According to Ziebach, the construction process was initiated with the help of a team of experts who were brought in from various places. These included an electrician from Mobile, a plumber from Texas, and a group of 40 men. Additionally, carpenters were also brought on board to assist with the project.

The house gradually began to take shape as it was constructed beam by beam. Generous donors contributed to furnish it, while kind-hearted volunteers gave time to complete the finishing touches.

Ziebach said their team has successfully built a state-of-the-art facility worth 2.5 million dollars. A significant portion of the funding, approximately 600 thousand dollars, was received through cash donations. He also mentioned that the generosity of free labour and materials covered the remaining amount. As a result, they are proud to state that they are entirely debt-free and express their gratitude towards the contributors who made it possible.

Ziebach’s aspiration has now transformed into a tangible reality.

Ziebach expressed that it’s hard to put into words the feeling of finally achieving something after eight years of struggling to make it happen. He acknowledged that pioneering something new is not an easy feat, but he firmly believes that it’s all worth it for the one.

Their inaugural resident has just settled in.

According to Ziebach, the transformation of the girl they took in has been remarkable. He describes her as pure joy and notes that the difference between when she first arrived and now is like night and day. Ziebach and his team are thrilled to see her enjoying her meals and returning for seconds. Additionally, she has become more involved in physical fitness activities and Bible study sessions with them.

As young girls between the ages of 6 and 19 walk through the door, they are greeted with a playful entrance decorated with bubble-gum-pink accents.

“I was firm in my decision to have a pink front door because I intended to create a welcoming atmosphere for these young girls who may not have had the chance to experience a carefree childhood. I wanted them to feel like they were stepping into a real-life dollhouse, filled with joy and wonder,” she explained.

Ziebach’s mission to help girls rescued from the atrocities of trafficking and sexual exploitation is only the beginning of her journey.

Ziebach emphasized that their goal is to help individuals attain freedom for themselves and create a lasting impact for future generations.

The Camille Place can provide accommodation to 16 girls. It offers various amenities such as group and staff meeting rooms, a kitchen and dining area, and a beautiful courtyard.

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