Shuwaski Young, the Democratic candidate, to withdraw from Mississippi Secretary of State race

In a recent announcement, Shuwaski Young, who was running for Mississippi Secretary of State on the Democratic ticket, revealed that he will no longer be pursuing the position. Young cited medical reasons as the cause of his withdrawal from the race.

According to a press release, Young shared that he had experienced a hypertensive crisis, which refers to a sudden and significant spike in blood pressure. Despite his best efforts to continue his campaign, he ultimately made the decision to step back.

In a recent statement, Young revealed that he had suffered from a hypertensive crisis which posed a significant challenge to his ongoing campaign for the Office of Secretary of State. Despite being aware of the risks associated with his rigorous campaign schedule, he had initially intended to continue pushing forward. However, he has now come to the decision that he can no longer afford to take such risks with his health.

As per the Mississippi election code, Young is required to submit an affidavit to the State Board of Election Commissioners stating his reason for withdrawing from the race, citing medical grounds. The law permits candidates to withdraw from the race if they have health conditions that, in the written opinion of a medical doctor, would be detrimental to their health if they continue to run. Additionally, the reasons for withdrawal should be non-political and legitimate.

Assuming that Young’s withdrawal is approved by the election commissioners, the state Democratic Party Executive Committee will be granted the authority to nominate a substitute candidate to run against the incumbent Republican Michael Watson in the November election. It’s worth noting that Young was running unopposed in the Democratic primary.

A native of Neshoba County and former employee of both the secretary of state’s office and the federal Department of Homeland Security, Young had been advocating for debates to be held between himself and Watson. However, Watson failed to acknowledge Young’s requests for debates. Nonetheless, both candidates did agree to participate in the October 2 candidate forum which was hosted by the Stennis-Capitol Press Forum.

During his campaign, Young had emphasized the importance of enhancing voter engagement and accessibility while also revamping the office’s digital resources.

In a recent news release, Young expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support he has received from across the state during his campaign. He acknowledged the outpouring of encouragement and appreciation, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to all those who have stood by him throughout this journey.

As of Sunday, he had not yet responded to a request for comment.

The upcoming general election is scheduled for November 7th.

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