Protests planned ahead of After School Satan Club launch

Protests are being planned in advance of the opening of the After School Satan Club

The Uvalde Foundation for Kids has declared its intention to stage a protest at Chimneyrock Elementary School in January 2024, according to an announcement made on Sunday.

Less than a week after the Satanic Temple announced its intention to launch the After School Satan Club at the elementary school, this development has taken place.

There are certain community members who support the idea of protesting the club.

Joevelyn Eubanks, a concerned member of the community, expressed her opinion on the matter, stating, “If I had the opportunity, I would probably participate in that because it seems unnecessary.”

In a press statement, officials from the Foundation expressed their concern about the presence of this club. They stated, “We are worried that the club’s existence may lead to ongoing conflicts among community members, including other groups. Such conflicts have the potential to spill over and disrupt students, which could put them in harm’s way.”

The leaders of the After School Satan Club anticipate that protests will arise, as reported by Action News Five.

Eubanks expressed his concern about the lack of positivity in the city, stating that the situation is far from positive.

The Foundation has scheduled protests for January 3 and January 10, just before the club’s launch.

People from all over the country, including Texas and California, are anticipated to join both protests.

Eubanks expressed his disbelief at the school’s concern over the existence of a Satan Club, questioning why they are not more focused on education instead.

Residents in the surrounding area expressed their unease about the presence of a Satan Club in their neighborhood, stating that it makes them feel uncomfortable.

“I feel a bit uncomfortable when I come across a Satan symbol. However, I believe in respecting others’ opinions and choices. Personally, I have a strong belief in God,” expressed Trenice Clark, a resident of the neighboring community.

The MSCS board members and leaders have made it clear that they do not endorse the beliefs of the Satanic Temple, the organization behind the After School Satan Club.

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