Police React To A Domestic Call

In the early morning hours of December 17, the Boonville Police Department responded to a domestic call at a residence in Cooper County.

Upon entering the residence, the police discovered a victim who was engaged in a phone conversation with a Cooper County dispatcher.

According to the victim, they informed the authorities that the suspect appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and expressed uncertainty about the suspect’s current whereabouts within the premises.

The police observed that the victim had scratches that were visible on their forehead and cheek.

According to PD, they heard the distinct sound of a rifle round being chambered.

During the search of the residence, the police discovered David Campbell holding a weapon, which he was pointing towards a police officer from Cooper County.

The Boonville Police Department confirmed that the weapon found was indeed an AR-15 Assault Rifle.

The police successfully confiscated the weapon from Campbell and apprehended him.

Campbell has no previous history of assault charges.

Campbell faces charges of second-degree assault, second-degree domestic assault, and the unlawful use of a weapon while intoxicated.

The authorities have successfully apprehended the suspect.

The bond amount is $50,000, which can be paid in cash or through a surety.

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