Most Dangerous Cities in Colorado

List Of Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Colorado (2023)

Colorado may be synonymous with mountain peaks and skiing for many, but the state still has several cities with crime rates above the national average. While it’s not the most violent state, knowing the dangers is essential. This article delves into the ten most dangerous cities in Colorado.

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Colorado

1. Sheridan 

Sheridan is the most dangerous city in Colorado. This small city is in Arapahoe County and is home to 6,105 people. The overall crime rate in Sheridan is 375 per cent higher than the national average. Sheridan is a part of the larger Denver metropolitan area and is frequently viewed as a more affordable alternative to other city areas. Burglaries, thefts, and assaults are Sheridan’s most common types of crime. Specific Sheridan neighbourhoods are typically more prone to criminal activity.

2. Lone Tree

Located in Douglas County, Lone Tree is a suburb of Denver that has gained a reputation for being a dangerous area. With a population of 14,253, the city’s crime rate is 299% higher than the national average, making it one of the worst places in Colorado for crime. The residents’ most significant concern in Lone Tree is property crime, with thefts, vehicle thefts, and burglaries being the most frequent types of crime. However, corruption is primarily concentrated in specific areas, and despite the risks, residents can still enjoy the excellent dining and entertainment options Lone Tree offers.

3. Pueblo

Pueblo, located in Pueblo County, has a rich history and popular tourist destination. However, it is also notorious for being one of the most dangerous cities in Colorado. The city’s total population is 111,876, and the crime rate is alarmingly high, with a staggering 196% above the national average. Property crime is the most prevalent type in Pueblo, with burglaries and vehicle theft being the most common. Criminal activity is concentrated in some city regions, particularly related to narcotics. Despite the high crime rate, many residents feel safe in most parts of Pueblo.

4. Alamosa

Alamosa, a small community with a population of 9,806 and home to Adams State University, is among Colorado’s most violent cities. Shockingly, the town has a crime rate of 159% higher than the national average, with a property crime rate of 169% above the national average. The statistics for 2020 are alarming, with 52 assaults, 83 burglaries, and 379 incidents of theft. Alamosa is facing significant challenges when it comes to public safety.

5. Lakewood

Situated under Mt. Zio, Lakewood is considered one of the riskiest cities in Colorado. It is a Denver suburb with a population of 155,984. Lakewood’s total crime rate surpasses the national average by 158%, while its violent crime rate is 76% higher than the national average. The city’s most common offences include robberies, assaults, and vehicle thefts. However, despite the problems with property crime, Lakewood’s economy and population are still on the rise.

6. Canon City

Located in central Colorado, Canon City serves as the county seat of Fremont County, with a population of 17,141. Unfortunately, Canon City has gained notoriety for its high crime rates, with figures soaring 121% above the national average. Additionally, the violent crime rate is 78% above the national average, making Canon City one of the worst cities in Colorado regarding safety. The area’s most common types of crime are thefts, burglaries, and assaults, with drug activity significantly contributing to the town’s crime statistics. Despite this, many residents report that crime does not typically affect their daily lives.

7. La Junta

La Junta, a small rural community in Otero County, Colorado, is regarded as one of the most challenging towns in the state. With a population of 7,322, the town’s total crime rate is 120% higher than the national average, and its violent crime rate is 44% above the national average. Unfortunately, most residents of La Junta are living below the poverty line. The majority of crimes committed in this area are related to property and vehicle theft. However, despite the concerns over corruption, La Junta is still a popular destination for tourists who want to witness the annual Oklahoma Brown Tarantula migration through the town.

8. Grand Junction

Grand Junction, a city in Mesa County with a population of 65,560, is considered one of the most dangerous cities in Colorado. Although the crime rate is high, it’s primarily concentrated in certain areas and doesn’t pose a threat to the general public. The total crime rate in Grand Junction is 119%, with a violent crime rate that is 50% above the national average. The types of crimes that are commonly reported include assaults, burglaries, and thefts. Despite these safety concerns, Grand Junction is experiencing a growing economy and hub for various industries.

9. Aurora 

With a population of 386,261, Aurora is a city in Arapahoe and Douglas Counties in Colorado known for its high crime rate. The total crime rate in Aurora is 108% higher than the national average. Various crimes, including burglaries, thefts, robberies, and assaults, plague the city. While Aurora is a large city, specific neighbourhoods are more dangerous than others. Typically, the worst areas in Aurora are located in Colfax and the city’s northern parts. Additionally, car break-ins are a common problem in some neighbourhoods.

10. Colorado Springs

With a population of 478,961, Colorado Springs is located south of Denver. Unfortunately, the city has a crime rate of 61% higher than the national average. The violent crime rate is also 48% above the national average. Property theft is the most frequently occurring crime in Colorado Springs, with incidents of burglaries, thefts, and vehicle theft being common. The city also witnesses regular occurrences of violent crimes like robbery and assault.

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