Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Charlotte

List Of Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Charlotte (2023)

If you’re planning on visiting or moving to Charlotte, it’s essential to know about the city’s high crime rate in certain areas. Despite its booming economy and numerous attractions, Charlotte is not without its dangers. To help you stay safe, we’ve compiled a list of Charlotte’s top ten most dangerous neighbourhoods.

10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Charlotte

1. Pinecrest

Pinecrest is regarded as the most hazardous neighbourhood in Charlotte. It has gained a notorious reputation for being the city’s most undesirable place to live. Despite a small population of just 227 people, Pinecrest has an alarming total crime rate of 529% higher than the average rate for Charlotte. The residents of this area frequently report incidents of property crimes, with violent crimes like shootings occurring frequently as well. The presence of active gangs in the region further exacerbates the neighbourhood’s crime rate.

2. Lincoln Heights

Lincoln Heights, located in Charlotte, is known as one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods due to its high rate of violent crimes. Despite having a population of only 2,376, its crime rate is 449% higher than the average in Charlotte. The neighbourhood is plagued by an active gang presence, often resulting in shootings and other violent incidents. Unfortunately, residents feel that the police cannot effectively patrol the area. In addition to violent crimes, property theft, car theft, and burglary are prevalent issues in Lincoln Heights.

3. Lakewood

Lakewood, located in Charlotte, is notorious for being one of the most challenging neighbourhoods in the city. With a population of only 887, its crime rate exceeds that of Charlotte by a staggering 435%. Despite the recent gentrification of certain parts of the area, most of the neighbourhood still experiences high rates of violent and property crimes. Although some aspects of Lakewood may seem safe during the day, many spaces become hazardous after dark, causing residents to feel uneasy.

4. Tryon Hills

Tryon Hills is notorious for being one of the most unsafe neighbourhoods in Charlotte. With a population of approximately 1,600, the area has a crime rate of 391% higher than the national average. Most residents live under the poverty line, making this a low-income community. Unfortunately, Tryon Hills has an alarmingly high rate of violent crime, including frequent homicides, robberies, and property theft.

5. Grier Heights

Grier Heights is considered one of the riskiest neighbourhoods in Charlotte due to its high crime rate, which is 365% higher than the national average. The population in this area is 2,958, and property crimes are prevalent especially burglaries and thefts. Although violent crimes do occur, the gentrification of Grier Heights has significantly reduced criminal activity in the area. Nonetheless, caution is advised for those living in or visiting this neighbourhood.

6. Seversville

With a population of just 603, Seversville is a neighbourhood in Charlotte that has gained notoriety for its high crime rate. Shockingly, crime rates in Seversville are 323% higher than the national average, with widespread violent and property crimes. Although some parts of the neighbourhood have undergone renovations, many areas still struggle with safety concerns, especially during nighttime. Nevertheless, with gentrification, crime rates have gradually decreased, offering a glimmer of hope for a safer neighbourhood.

7. Smallwood

Smallwood, a neighbourhood near downtown Charlotte, is home to 1,183 people. Unfortunately, Smallwood has a high violent crime rate currently at 3,168 per 100,000 individuals. This rate is 305% higher than the city average. The types of crime prevalent in Smallwood are property theft, robbery, car theft, and assault. Moreover, the area has several poorly rated schools that don’t receive adequate funding. Despite these issues, some individuals choose to live in Smallwood since the rent costs are low, and it’s conveniently located near downtown.

8. Plaza-Shamrock 

Plaza-Shamrock, located northeast of Charlotte, is considered one of the most challenging neighbourhoods. Despite undergoing gentrification in recent times, it still has high crime rates. With a population of 3,078, the crime rate in Plaza-Shamrock remains 297% higher than the Charlotte average. Historically, this neighbourhood has been notorious for its unsafe environment, but the construction of new homes and renovations is transforming the area. The regions around E. Sugar Creek and the Giant Penny are known to have higher rates of property and violent crimes.

9. Washington Heights

Located north of downtown Charlotte, Washington Heights has a population of 2,018. Unfortunately, the neighbourhood has a high violent crime rate of 3,082 per 100,000, 294% above the national average. Despite recent renovation efforts, property crime and theft are still prevalent issues in Washington Heights. Violent crime tends to occur in concentrated areas of the neighbourhood, making it essential for residents to remain vigilant.

10. Enderly Park

Located in the northwestern part of Charlotte, Enderly Park has garnered a reputation for being an unsafe neighbourhood. Home to around 3,249 people, the area has a distressingly high violent crime rate that surpasses the national average by 292%. Despite the ongoing gentrification in other parts of the city, Enderly Park lacks essential services, and many areas are disrepair. Sadly, certain features of Enderly Park witness crimes like murder, theft, and robberies, making it one of the least desirable places to live in Charlotte.

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