Most Dangerous Cities in Georgia

List Of Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Georgia (2023)

Georgia continues to experience rapid growth, with an average of 100,000 new residents every year. This surge can be attributed to the state’s warm weather, affordable cost of living, and delicious southern cuisine. However, deciding on the perfect location to settle down can be daunting and requires careful consideration. To make an informed decision regarding your safety, you must be aware of the ten most dangerous cities in Georgia that you should avoid. Keep reading to learn more.

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Georgia

1. College Park

According to recent statistics, College Park is considered the most dangerous city in Georgia. With its population of 35,000, the city has a violent crime rate of 7,909 per 100,000 residents, making it 228% more difficult than the Georgia average. In 2022, crime rates hit an all-time high, leaving residents with a 1 in 7 chance of becoming victims of any crime. While property crimes made up the majority of incidents, there were also a few dozen cases of violent crimes. Despite its reputation, College Park is undergoing several revitalization projects aimed at breathing new life into the city and making it a safer place.

2. East Point

According to recent statistics, East Point is considered one of Georgia’s most hazardous cities, with a crime rate that surpasses the national average by a staggering 465%. With a population of just over 35,000, the likelihood of experiencing a violent crime is 1 in 68. In 2022, over 500 violent crimes and 3,741 property crimes were reported in East Point. Property crimes, in particular, are prevalent in this city, with a probability of 1 in 10 falling victim to such crimes.

3. Cordele

Cordele, situated in Crisp County, is another one of the difficult cities in Georgia. With a population of 11,147, the crime rate in Cordele is 133% higher than the Georgia average, making it a highly unsafe area. In 2012, Cordele had the 4th highest murder rate and the 4th highest rate of property crimes in Georgia. Unfortunately, the crime rate in Cordele has not improved much in recent years. The residents are at an overall risk of 1 in 11 of becoming a victim of any crime.

4. Jesup

Jesup, with a population of 9,800, has a crime rate of 5,774 per 100k people. This puts the city’s crime rate 140% higher than the average crime rate in Georgia. In 2021, 46 violent crimes and 406 property crimes were reported. Unfortunately, most of the crimes in Jesup result from poverty and limited opportunities.

5. Douglasville 

Located in Douglas County, Douglasville has a population of 34,650. Unfortunately, the crime rate in Douglasville is 140% higher than the state average, with 5,775 crimes per 100,000 people. In 2021, the city experienced 195 violent crimes and 1,792 property crimes. This means that the probability of becoming a victim of a crime in Douglasville is 1 in 18. The high violent crime rate is mainly due to gang activity.

6. Griffin

The population of Griffin stands at 23,478, with a crime rate of 5,919 per 100,000 people. Unfortunately, Griffin is considered 146% more dangerous than other cities in Georgia, and the possibility of being a victim of any crime is 1 in 17 for its residents. The year 2021 saw Griffin experience seven murders, fifteen burglaries, and 213 assaults, putting it on the list as one of the most violent cities in Georgia. The likelihood of becoming a victim of any form of property crime is estimated at 1 in 21.

7. Brunswick 

Located near the Georgia coast in Glynn County, Brunswick is recognized as one of the most dangerous places to live in Georgia. With a population of 15,210, Brunswick has a crime rate that is 42% higher than the national average. Shockingly, the odds of becoming a victim of a crime in Brunswick are 1 in 24, which is quite alarming. In 2022 alone, 202 violent and 637 property crimes were reported in Brunswick. Despite these statistics, Brunswick remains a thriving economic hub due to its proximity to coastal ports.

8. Moultrie 

With a population of 14,000, Moultrie has a crime rate of 4,331, 80% higher than the Georgia average. This means that residents in Moultrie have a 1 in 24 chance of becoming a victim of any crime. Though the violent crime rate mainly involves robberies and assaults, there were still two murders recorded in 2021, which is still relatively high considering the city’s population. Additionally, Moultrie was ranked among the top ten cities in Georgia with the highest property crime rate in the same year.

9. Macon

With a population of 157,346, Macon has a high crime rate of 3,900 per 100,000. Shockingly, this rate is 62% higher than the state average, making it a concerning issue for the residents. Unfortunately, the chances of becoming a victim of crime in Macon are high, with 1 in 26 being the odds. In 2021, 1,459 violent crimes and 5,233 property crimes were reported, and the city has the highest rate of homicides in the country. The prevalence of gun violence is also a significant issue. The crime’s root causes are primarily gang activity and drug trade. Sadly, the likelihood of experiencing violent crime in Macon is 1 in 109.

10. Atlanta

Atlanta, one of Georgia’s most significant cultural and economic centers, has a crime rate of 1,773 per 100,000 people. The severity of crime in Atlanta varies significantly based on the location, with the South and Southwest parts of the city having the highest crime rates. According to recent data, Atlanta had 3,724 violent incidents and 18,635 property crimes in 2021. The likelihood of becoming a victim of property crime is 1 in 27, while the probability of being a victim of violent crime is 1 in 134.

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