FBI Probing Threats Made Against Judges Involved in Removing Trump from Colorado’s Ballot

The FBI is currently investigating the violent threats that have been made against the justices of Colorado’s Supreme Court. These threats have emerged following the decision to remove former President Donald Trump from the state’s ballot.

The FBI announced on Monday that it is collaborating with local law enforcement to support the investigation into the threats made against the justices responsible for disqualifying the leading Republican candidate from running for public office.

Earlier this month, Colorado’s Supreme Court delivered a 4-3 decision, stating that Donald Trump is ineligible to run for president again. The ruling was based on his involvement in the insurrection that took place on January 6th, 2021, with reference to the 14th amendment.

“The FBI is actively involved in the case and is collaborating with local law enforcement,” stated Vikki Migoya, FBI Public Affairs Officer, in a statement provided to CNN. “We are committed to thoroughly investigating any threats or acts of violence perpetrated by individuals who employ extremist ideologies to rationalize their actions, regardless of their motives.”

CNN previously reported that local authorities would be responsible for investigating and addressing threats made against judges, according to state law enforcement.

According to CNN,

In addition to the federal response, state and local law enforcement officials and non-government research groups have been monitoring rhetoric on extremist online forums for signs it might translate to tangible threats to public officials. The names of the four Colorado Supreme Court justices who ruled to disqualify Trump from the ballot have appeared frequently in “incendiary” posts on such forums with calls to expose the judges’ personal data, according to an analysis of the online chatter prepared by one non-partisan research organization for US law enforcement agencies that was obtained by CNN. While the analysis found no specific threats to the judges, it said “there remains a risk of lone actor or small group violence or other illegal activities in response to the ruling.” One user on a far-right, pro-Trump website posted, “All f— robed rats must f— hang,” an apparent reference to the Colorado justices.

Trump and his supporters have criticized the justices, arguing that the former president cannot be disqualified from running for office based on charges of insurrection since he has not been criminally charged for this offense. It is important to note that Trump is currently facing four criminal indictments in four different jurisdictions.

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