Middletown parents say teacher mistreated girls.

Middletown parents say teacher mistreated Female Students

Middletown parents are expressing worries over a middle school teacher who allegedly makes their children feel uneasy during class.

During a district board meeting on October 5th, four parents accused a teacher at Monhagen Middle School of wrongdoing.

According to two concerned parents, a teacher allegedly behaved inappropriately towards their child in the classroom. The teacher reportedly leaned over the student from behind while she was seated at her desk, making the parents feel uncomfortable and concerned for their child’s well-being. It is important to note that the student did not request assistance or ask for the teacher to approach her in any way.

Clarence Forbes expressed his concern about a certain incident that he found disturbing and made his daughter uncomfortable. He believes that there are specific issues in the classroom that require attention. Moreover, the same teacher reportedly asked the students about their undergarments, including new underwear and bras. Forbes’ statement highlights the seriousness of such behavior and the need to investigate it thoroughly.

According to another parent, their child also encountered similar alleged behavior from the male teacher in the previous year.

Sergio Campos shared that when he inquired why she didn’t bring up the incident earlier, she replied with, “It happened to everyone in the classroom, so I assumed it was acceptable.”

During the meeting, a concerned parent shared that their daughter’s friend had witnessed the educator engaging in inappropriate behavior.

According to the concerned parent, “My daughter confided in me that she feels uncomfortable attending the class at school. I have discussed the matter with her and we both hope that the issue is taken seriously and addressed promptly.”

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