Trump, who defended January 6 rioters' chants of 'hang Mike Pence,' now wants his former VP's endorsement

Trump, who defended January 6 rioters’ ‘hang Mike Pence,’ wants his former VP’s support

In his latest remarks, ex-president Donald Trump expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of loyalty among politicians. He specifically called on his former Vice President Mike Pence to endorse him, stating that it’s a matter of loyalty.

According to a CNN report, while speaking at an event in Las Vegas on Saturday, Donald Trump stated that individuals are leaving and expressing their support for him. However, he expressed uncertainty about Mike Pence’s endorsement, stating that he should endorse him.

“I believe that Vice President Biden should endorse me because of the success of my presidency and his role as my chosen vice president. However, it’s not uncommon for people in politics to show disloyalty. It’s something that I’ve witnessed firsthand and it’s truly disappointing.”

Throughout Trump’s presidency, Pence was his faithful ally. However, their relationship turned sour when the vice president declined to aid in the effort to invalidate the results of the 2020 election.

While storming the Capitol on January 6, a group of rioters were heard chanting “hang Mike Pence.” Shockingly, Trump went on to defend these individuals, despite the violent nature of their actions.

During the recent events that led to the Capitol riot, a former White House aide testified that former President Donald Trump had told former White House Chief of Staff Mike Meadows that Vice President Mike Pence “deserves it.” This statement further highlights the tension between Trump and Pence during the final days of Trump’s presidency.

Throughout the election controversy, Pence consistently maintained that he did not have the authority to overturn the election results. He went on to express his concern about the dangerous consequences of Trump’s words, stating that they put not only himself but also his family and everyone at the Capitol that day in harm’s way.

On Saturday, Pence announced that he suspended his presidential campaign due to his inability to gain traction in the 2024 Republican primary.

The lead position in the GOP is still held by Trump.

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