A Rude Awakening Awaits NJ Residents Moving to Florida

Sometimes, people are left with no choice but to relocate at certain points in their lives. Whether it’s due to a new job opportunity, the need to support their family, or simply the desire for more space, there are numerous factors that may lead individuals to leave their current residence in the Garden State.

Many individuals are making the move to Florida, packing up their belongings and relocating. When you inquire about their reasons for choosing the Sunshine State, former New Jersey residents will eagerly share their excitement for the abundant sunshine, lower cost of living, and the opportunity to get more value for their money compared to what they experience back in New Jersey.

While that’s all well and good for them, they may have overlooked a few things in their rush to travel south….


In our area, we are fortunate to have a variety of adorable forest creatures such as squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, and other characters straight out of a Disney movie like “Snow White.” However, in Florida, alligators are just as common as squirrels are here in the Garden State. Personally, I wouldn’t want to test my luck with a hungry gator. If I were a parent, I would be concerned about my children playing outside in Florida due to the presence of these formidable creatures. I wouldn’t want them to become alligator snacks! Thankfully, here in New Jersey, the only critters we need to worry about are squirrels, rabbits, and bees during the summer season.

The Bugs

In Florida, there is a creature known as the “palmetto bug,” although I personally consider it to be a roach. These bugs can be found all over the place, which is definitely not something I’m a fan of. Additionally, the mosquito problem in the area is absolutely dreadful.

The Heat

Summers in the Garden State can get quite warm, but they are nothing compared to the scorching temperatures experienced in Florida. The humidity in Florida can be unbearable at times, making New Jersey’s worst summer day seem like a walk in the park.

No Seasons

Moving to Florida may mean leaving behind harsh winters, but it also means missing out on the enchanting beauty of spring and fall. Just picture not being able to witness the vibrant hues of autumn as the leaves change. It’s quite disheartening.


Hurricanes occasionally occur here in the Garden State, but it would be unjust to compare them to the destructive hurricanes that regularly impact Florida. Can you imagine having to rebuild your entire life every few years? It’s not only an overwhelming amount of work, but it’s also a deeply traumatic experience. I’ll pass on that, thank you very much.

Before you decide to make Florida your next home, it’s important to reconsider if you’re thinking about leaving New Jersey.

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