Congressman Van Drew Calls on Governor Murphy and Secretary Mayorkas for Explanation on Transportation of Unauthorized Immigrants into New Jersey

Congressman Van Drew was informed over the weekend by multiple law enforcement officials that ten buses from Texas and Louisiana had transported illegal migrants to the state of New Jersey.

Yesterday morning, the Secaucus Police Department and town officials were informed by the Hudson County Executives’ Office that several buses carrying migrants en route to New York had reached the Secaucus Junction train station. At the time of writing, it is estimated that a total of four buses arrived. The first bus arrived on the morning of December 30th. After being dropped off at the train station, the migrants proceeded to take trains to New York City.

The Mayor of New York, Eric Adams, took action by signing an Executive Order that establishes rules for the entry and drop off of migrants by bus in the city. These regulations now mandate that bus operators must inform the Commissioner of Emergency Management with a minimum of thirty-two (32) hour’s notice before their arrival. Additionally, drop-offs are restricted to weekdays within the time frame of 8:30 a.m. to noon. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines and the impounding of the bus.

“It appears that the bus operators have found a way to circumvent the regulations set forth by the Executive Order,” Mayor Gonnelli expressed. He suggested that the requirements implemented by Mayor Adams may be too strict, leading to unforeseen consequences. It seems that the bus operators have discovered a loophole in the system, allowing them to transport migrants to their intended destination, New York City, by dropping them off at the train station in Secaucus. According to reports from the State Police, this practice is now being observed at train stations across the state.”

Mayor Gonnelli stated that he has been informed about the State of New Jersey’s plan and will closely collaborate with the Governor’s office, law enforcement agencies, and the County to monitor the situation. Currently, it appears that train tickets are being arranged for the migrants, who are making progress towards their intended destination. Gonnelli emphasized the importance of closely monitoring this situation.

This week, Congressman Van Drew plans to seek answers from Governor Murphy and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas regarding the potential relocation of more buses carrying illegal migrants to New Jersey.

Governor Murphy’s failure to prioritize the safety and security of New Jersey residents is not the only contributing factor to the current crisis. The Biden administration’s border policies have also played a significant role in this disastrous situation. Secretary Mayorkas has been negligent in his handling of the border, allowing it to collapse and be taken over. It is imperative that he addresses the concerns of the people of New Jersey. We need answers regarding the administration’s plans to send more buses to our state, the financial implications for taxpayers, and any strategies in place to manage the continuous influx of migrants at the border. In an effort to hold them accountable, I will be sending letters to both Governor Murphy and Secretary Mayorkas demanding answers to these pressing questions.

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