Goshen woman accused of retaliating against 67-year-old neighbor after husband’s arrest for animal cruelty

Goshen woman accused of retaliating against 67-year-old neighbor after husband’s animal cruelty arrest

In a recent turn of events, the wife of a man from Orange County who has been accused of animal cruelty took it upon herself to defend her husband’s innocence by speaking up in their neighborhood. Unfortunately, her efforts landed her in trouble with the law and she was arrested.

A man named Erick Flores, aged 43, from Goshen, was arrested in March after being accused of leaving his dogs outside and in an unheated garage for several days during last winter. According to Flores, his neighbor falsely accused him of the act.

According to Flores, the allegations against him are baseless and the case will soon be resolved with his exoneration. He cites his hospitalization due to a severe accident in October, which almost claimed his life, as proof that he was not involved in any wrongdoing. Flores emphasizes that he was in the ICU and unable to carry out any of the alleged actions during the time in question.

According to Flores, his wife Gabby Aybar, who is 36 years old, stayed with him at the hospital during his stay. However, she would go back home every day to take care of their beloved dogs and their children.

According to Flores, their neighbor Janet Huges, who is 67 years old, had made a false report against them as per the news report.

On Knoell Road, Aybar has taken it upon themselves to display numerous signs on their lawn proclaiming Flores’ innocence. Among these signs, one features a graphic image of someone being stabbed in the back, while others accuse authorities of showing favoritism and racism. The signs also bear the words “fake news” as a condemnation of what they perceive to be false media reports.

According to Flores, everyone should be allowed to express themselves freely as it is their right to do so. He believes that freedom of speech should not be restricted as long as no one is being threatened or harmed in any way.

Last month, Aybar was apprehended by the Town of Goshen police, although it was not related to the signs in any way.

According to reports, there were approximately 40 noise complaints filed against the couple’s residence during the summer months. Apparently, Aybar had been playing loud music for several weeks in an attempt to annoy Hughes as a form of retaliation.

According to Huges, the experience was nothing short of terrible. Day in and day out, they were subjected to the same song playing on repeat for up to ten hours a day. The constant noise was so overwhelming that they had to resort to sleeping with air conditioners and fans on just to try to muffle the sound. It was a grueling situation that persisted without respite.

According to Huges, she did not report Flores to the SPCA and hopes to avoid any conflicts. She admits to feeling intimidated by the music lyrics and signage, which has resulted in her son refusing to visit out of concern for his safety.

According to Flores, they feel like they have been victimized and claim that Hughes made a fake 911 call to their residence in February, which she denies. Additionally, Flores alleges that Hughes made another fake call to the authorities, as reported by Westchester News.

As recounted by Flores, the evening ended abruptly when they arrived home from dinner to find state troopers, Goshen police, and Chester police at their doorstep, brandishing their weapons. Flores expresses a desire for the situation to be resolved quickly and for law enforcement to carry out their duties effectively.

According to Goshen police, the individual who filed the SPCA report concerning the couple’s dogs remains unknown, and there is no proof indicating any misconduct on the part of Hughes.

After Hughes reported being stalked, harassed, and disturbed by Aybar, the police charged him with these offenses and also issued an order of protection for her safety.

According to prosecutors, the ongoing animal cruelty case against Flores is still underway.

According to Goshen officials, the Flores and Aybar couple were instructed to move the signs on their lawn 25 feet away from the road because they were deemed a nuisance and a potential traffic hazard. The couple complied with the directive as per their account.

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