CAUGHT IN CROSSFIRE 2 buses hit by bullets during Harlem shooting

Gunfire in Harlem hits 2 buses in the midst of crossfire

According to police reports, gunfire erupted in Harlem on Wednesday afternoon, hitting two MTA buses caught in the crossfire. No injuries were reported, but the incident highlights the unfortunate reality of gun violence in urban areas.

Around 2:30 PM, an unidentified shooter discharged their firearm towards an unknown target near W. 123rd Street and Amsterdam Avenue. The incident occurred outside the Grant Houses, a few blocks north of Columbia University.

According to witnesses and police, several gunshots were fired, hitting an M100 and an M101 bus. One of the buses was struck on its side window while the other was hit on its rear grill.

According to the authorities, no casualties were reported from either the bus or the pedestrians on the street due to gunshots.

One of the bus operators was left severely shaken and had to be taken to a hospital for further evaluation.

According to a statement by TWU Local 100 union, it is astonishing that there were no casualties, considering that one of the buses had a whole load of passengers when the incident occurred.

As of Thursday, there have been no reports of any arrests made. According to sources, the police are currently looking for an individual dressed in all black who fled the area on foot.

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