Kayla Nicole, Travis Kelce’s former partner, expresses affection for Eagles Quarterback Jalen Hurts

Travis Kelce’s former girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, is expressing her support for another NFL star, Jalen Hurts.

On Monday, November 27, the sports reporter shared a video clip on X that was originally posted by the NBA. The clip featured the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback attending a basketball game.

“Flying high like eagles,” she captioned the clip, showcasing Hurts enthusiastically greeting the crowd from his courtside seats at a Philadelphia 76ers game. The team’s triumph against the Los Angeles Lakers added to the electric atmosphere.”

The media professional’s tweet has sparked a bit of controversy, with some interpreting it as flirty. However, Nicole promptly addressed the situation with another social media post, humorously stating, “Y’all have eyes too. 😂”

It seems like she is simply admiring what she sees. There’s nothing inappropriate about that, is there?

The situation is quite ironic when you consider her ex’s association with the Kansas City Chiefs, and the fact that Hurts is teammates with Jason Kelce, the older brother of Travis Kelce.

However, it seems that this display of support is simply playful banter on social media. Jalen Hurts himself has made it clear that he is already in a committed relationship with Bryonna Rivera Burrows, whom he has been dating since their college days.

Earlier this year, the footballer revealed details about his relationship with Burrows in an interview with Essence published in April. He stated, “I am spoken for, although I am not married or anything like that.” The footballer shared that they have been dating on and off ever since they met at the University of Alabama.

The professional athlete expressed his certainty that Burrows was the one for him, stating that he had known it for a long time. He emphasized that this feeling of irreplaceability is what has brought them to their current relationship status.

Nicole has not entered another public relationship since her breakup with the Catching Kelce alum last year. Meanwhile, Travis has moved on with Taylor Swift.

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