65-year-old NYC man, beloved by community, shot and killed in Harlem shooting

Harlem shooting claims life of 65-year-old NYC man, mourned by community

Sources have confirmed that a 65-year-old well-known and admired man in his community was fatally shot in a drive-by outside of his Harlem residence on Wednesday morning. The police have launched an investigation into this tragic incident.

According to authorities and sources, Anthony Williams, who gained notoriety for vending jerk chicken on the sidewalk, was present at West 142 Street and Lenox Avenue when a black car stopped beside him, and one of the occupants fired shots.

According to the NYPD, Williams was fatally struck in the chest and rushed to Harlem Hospital in critical condition. Sadly, he was soon pronounced dead.

Leah Middleton, the devastated niece of the victim, expressed that her uncle was a kind and friendly person who would always be found on the corner chatting with people and selling food. “He’s a good guy,” she said, reflecting on her fond memories of him.

According to sources in law enforcement, it seems that the shooting was explicitly aimed at a particular individual.

According to police, the motive behind the incident is still being investigated, and no arrests have been made.

At a makeshift memorial nearby, the victim was honoured by their neighbours, who paid their respects.

Middleton had cherished memories of her uncle cooking breakfast for the family as a child. However, she now finds herself unsure of what led to the shooting incident.

According to the niece, she saw him recently and mentioned how he’s a regular around these parts. He’s well-known in the community, as everyone seems to recognize him. She even went on to describe him as a wonderful person.

According to Dolina Duzant, a community advocate who resides across the street from the incident, Williams was known to be a family man and an all-around nice person. Duzant shared that she would often walk by his usual spot on the street while on her way to the deli. Williams was a beloved member of the community.

According to her, his actions spoke volumes about his character and who he was. He was always willing to lend a helping hand to the community and was involved in various good deeds to uplift it. Saying anything negative about him would be unjustified.

In a display of bravery and strength amidst tragedy, she referred to the perpetrator of the shooting as a “coward” and urged them to take responsibility by turning themselves in. Her words echoed the sentiments of a community in mourning, seeking justice and closure for the senseless act of violence. Despite the pain and grief, her unwavering spirit is a beacon of hope and resilience in adversity.

A neighbourhood resident, Teresa Acevedo expressed her profound distress upon hearing about the tragic shooting incident. She shared that the victim, Williams, was a highly regarded community member widely known and respected in the area. Acevedo added that Williams would always go above and beyond to help others and was always willing to lend a helping hand whenever needed.

According to her, he would emerge every morning, strumming away on his instrument and whipping up delicious meals for everyone. “He was truly a kind soul,” she fondly recalled.

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