ex-Atlantic City basketball player

Ex-Atlantic City basketball player admits ordering a murder in 2019

A former basketball prodigy from Atlantic City, who is currently serving time for drug trafficking, has admitted to paying for a murder.

In 2019, Lamir King was tragically killed, while Khalif Toombs was already behind bars serving time in federal prison. However, in 2021, Toombs was charged with King’s murder, and he is now accused of ordering the heinous crime. Toombs, who was once a leader of a notorious drug ring in Atlantic City, now faces even more severe charges concerning the murder.

BreakingAC reported that Jamie Sewell was caught based on charges after surveillance footage was used to identify him. The video reportedly depicted Sewell approaching King’s parked car at Lincoln, wielding and firing a firearm. Additionally, the footage showed Sewell limping away from the scene, which matched his gait in other recorded videos.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office has stated that Sewell, who is currently 58, has admitted guilt and is anticipated to receive a 10 to 20-year prison sentence later this year.

Toombs, a former promising player in the local basketball community, is presently serving a 135-month sentence in a federal prison due to his participation in a drug-trafficking scheme.

He has been in the Atlantic County Justice Facility since October 19 and will remain there until his sentencing on November 2.

Based on the Bureau of Prison’s records, he is projected to concurrently serve a 12-year sentence with no possibility of parole for 85 per cent of the term, as mandated by the No Early Release Act. This sentence will be served simultaneously with his federal sentence, which is slated to conclude on August 2, 2028.

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