New Rochelle police

New Rochelle police have charged a woman with the brutal murder of her roommate.

A woman is being held without bail, accused of killing her roommate and hiding her body in their apartment.

New information has been obtained by CBS New York, including how police say they broke the suspect’s alibi. Franklin Avenue in New Rochelle is a generally tranquil street lined with well-maintained multifamily dwellings. At 155 Franklin, a gruesome discovery was made. Police discovered a woman’s body in a storage bin in a third-floor apartment.

“I saw her just last week. “This is extremely tragic,” said Gyllian Dunkley.

Dunkley stated she is acquainted with the victim, whom police have not formally identified.

“Very, very kind, with a golden heart. She was seeking shelter and companionship, according to Dunkley.

The case against Kenya Tilford, age 40, alleges that she suffocated her roommate and then concealed the body for at least a week.

Friday, someone reported seeing the body, according to police. A swift investigation led authorities to Tilford, who was taken into custody that afternoon.

According to court documents, Tilford told police in New Rochelle last week that she was out of town in Virginia, but police had evidence that this was a lie. The evidence was that Tilford was seen on surveillance video at the nearby Home Depot store earlier in the week.

According to the criminal complaint, she obtained a coverall, bleach, tarps, a storage bin, and a chainsaw. However, the body was not found dismembered.

Dunkley stated that she viewed the suspect as dangerous.

“She pretends to have a good reputation, but her soul is black. She should never be released from prison for the remainder of her life,” said Dunkley.

In the complaint there are hints of a possible defence. Tilford disclosed to police that she used drugs and was medicated for mental illness.

Tilford was remanded to the Westchester County Jail by the judge. She has a court date on October 10.

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