Chip Roy labeled a RINO by Trump, but the GOP supports him, deeming Trump ‘laughably insane.’

In a continuing saga within the Republican Party, former President Donald Trump has ignited a fresh controversy by unleashing blistering comments against long-serving Texas Representative Chip Roy.

Recently, the former president was removed from the ballot by the state’s Supreme Court in Colorado. In response, he called for a primary challenge against the Texas lawmaker, branding Roy as a RINO, which stands for “Republican in Name Only.”

GOP lawmakers across the country expressed their support for Roy, highlighting the ongoing partisan divide within the Party of Lincoln. However, this statement received a fiery response from prominent conservative figures such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Rep. Thomas Massie (KY).

Both individuals expressed their endorsement of Roy and his unwavering dedication to conservative principles and agendas.

DeSantis had strong words for Roy, distancing himself from Trump and emphasizing that Roy has always been a strong advocate for Trump’s policies. He also made sure to highlight Roy’s voting record, which is known to be one of the most conservative in Congress.

DeSantis criticized Trump for launching primary challenges without valid justifications.

Massie also supported Roy, praising the Congressman for his unwavering commitment to his principles and standing up against any attempts to intimidate him.

Roy strongly opposed overturning the 2020 election results, insisting on his fellow lawmakers to present substantial evidence of widespread fraud. Additionally, he openly expressed his support for DeSantis in the upcoming 2024 election. Trump has consistently criticized Roy and similar individuals for their stance in recent years.

The 2024 election season will be a critical time for Roy’s political career and the GOP party platform. The future of U.S. democracy hangs in the balance as new leaders emerge and established figures face challenges.

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