Safest Massachusetts Towns

Top 8 Safest Massachusetts Towns To Live In 2023

When it comes to quintessential New England states, Massachusetts is definitely at the top of the list. With its charming towns, bustling cities, and mouth-watering seafood, it’s no wonder why so many people want to call it home. If you’re considering a move to the Bay State, take a look at the following list of the eight safest towns in Massachusetts.

Safest Towns in Massachusetts

1. Clinton

Clinton, located in central Massachusetts, is considered the safest place to reside in the state. With a population of approximately 15,428, this peaceful and serene town boasts a total crime rate that is 97% lower than the national average. Clinton is home to several notable attractions, such as Central Park, the Wachusett Reservoir, and the Museum of Russian Icons. Currently, the median home price in Clinton stands at $400,741.

2. Hopkinton

Hopkinton, a suburban community situated in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, is renowned for its safety. With a population of 18,758, Hopkinton is located just 25 miles west of Boston and boasts a crime rate that is 91% below the national average. It is an ideal option for commuters seeking safety and roomier living outside of Boston. Despite being branded as a bedroom community, Hopkinton provides a wide array of amenities, including shops and restaurants. At present, the median cost of a home in Hopkinton stands at $872,472.

3. Franklin

Franklin is a charming small town located in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, and it is among the safest cities in the state. With a population of 36,745, residents of Franklin enjoy the town’s small-town vibe and peace of mind, thanks to its low crime rate, which is 89% lower than the national average. Franklin is a town that values education, being home to the first public library in America and Dean College. Additionally, its proximity to Providence, RI, offers residents easy access to a larger city without sacrificing the town’s quaint atmosphere. The median home price in Franklin is $612,688, making it an attractive place to live for those looking for a safe and charming town.

4. Sharon

Located just 17 miles from Boston, Sharon is a town in Norfolk County with a population of around 18,575 residents. The town boasts a crime rate that is 86% below the national average, making it a safe and secure place to live. With an abundance of conservation land, Sharon is home to several beautiful trails, including the Warner Trail, the Bay Circuit Trail, and Borderland State Park. Moreover, Sharon offers excellent public transportation and a commuter rail service that connects residents to Boston. Currently, the median home price in Sharon stands at $778,604.

5. Lexington

Lexington, located in Middlesex County, is one of the safest towns in Massachusetts. This small town boasts of its safe and charming streets, as well as its rich history dating back to the Revolutionary War. Lexington is known as the site of the famous Battle of Lexington, where the first shot of the war was fired. It is also home to the Minute Man National Historic Park, which is a must-visit for history enthusiasts. With a population of around 34,454, the crime rate in Lexington is 84% lower than the national average. However, the median home price is higher than the national average, currently at $778,604.

6. Wayland

Wayland, located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, is a serene town that exudes a colonial charm. The town boasts of a crime rate that is 81% lower than the national average, making it a safe place to live. The neighborhoods are lined with trees, and the single-family homes are well-maintained, offering stunning lakefront views. Shopping is a breeze in Wayland, with ample options available at the Wayland Town Center. The downtown area is perfect for a stroll, with colonial-style buildings that exude timeless elegance. Currently, the median home price in Wayland is $1,022,284.

7. Sudbury

Sudbury, a small and peaceful community located just outside Boston, is recognized as one of the safest cities in Massachusetts. Despite being a small town with a population of 18,934, Sudbury boasts a rich colonial charm evident in its historic buildings, homes, and estates featuring a delightful New England style of architecture. Many of the city’s landmarks date back to the early 1600s, with the Sudbury Historic District listed on the US National Register of Historic Places. Moreover, Sudbury enjoys a total crime rate of 78% below the national average, making it a haven for families and individuals alike. The current median home price in Sudbury is $1,075,935, which reflects the city’s high quality of life and desirable location.

8. Newton

Newton, located just 7 miles outside Boston, is one of the safest cities in Massachusetts. It has a rich history dating back to the earliest American settlements. Newton is a medium-sized city with a population of 88,923 and boasts a total crime rate that is 73% lower than the national average. This city offers a tight-knit sense of community and hosts several annual marathons that attract many spectators and participants. Despite being just outside Boston, Newton has plenty of dining and shopping options. However, Newton’s current median home price is relatively high, nearly $1.4 million, so if you want to reside in one of the safest Boston suburbs, you must invest a significant amount of money.

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