Small Louisiana Town Rocked by School Shooting

Small Louisiana Town Shaken by School Shooting Resulting in 1 Dead and Multiple Injuries

Local reports indicate that a high school in rural southeast Louisiana experienced a shooting incident resulting in the unfortunate loss of one student and injuries to two others.

As per the report by WBRZ-TV, a student has been taken into custody following a shooting incident at St. Helena school.

Located in the small community of Greensburg, just an hour north of Baton Rouge and 15 minutes south of the Mississippi state line, the incident occurred on the St. Helena College and Career Academy campus.

According to the statements given by St. Helena Parish Sheriff Nat Williams, the person believed to have carried out the shooting is a 14-year-old student who has now been detained. However, the charges filed against the student have not yet been disclosed.

It is currently unclear what happened before the shooting, as details are still emerging.

In light of a recent heartbreaking incident, the St. Helena Parish School district has announced that classes will not be held until Friday. The community has also cancelled this week’s football games and the school board meeting. The safety and well-being of students and staff are paramount, and the district will continue to prioritize this above all else. The community has not yet provided any additional information regarding the incident.

The school district has mentioned that it will provide an official statement once more information is collected.

Reports of the shooting incident surfaced at approximately 3 p.m. in the local area, prompting a significant law enforcement response. Following the incident, one affected student was transported to a nearby hospital, while the other was airlifted to a children’s hospital in Baton Rouge.

It is currently unclear what the status is of the injured students. More information is needed to determine their conditions.

According to the 2020 census, the population of Greensburg, La., is a mere 629 residents.

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