Most Dangerous Cities in Connecticut

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Connecticut (2023)

Connecticut is a popular residential choice for many who prefer affordable homes and more space for their families. However, the state’s reputation for crime is sometimes a significant concern for those looking to settle down. Here are the ten worst places to avoid to help you make informed decisions about where to live in Connecticut.

Most Dangerous Cities in Connecticut

1. New Haven

New Haven, a university city located along the New Haven Harbor and part of the New York City metropolitan area, is considered the most dangerous city in Connecticut. With a population of 135,081, the city has a crime rate of 65% higher than the national average. The most common types of crimes in this city are assaults, robberies, thefts, and vehicle theft. Shockingly, there were 25 murders reported in New Haven in 2020. Despite its high crime rate, this city is home to Yale University and plays a significant economic hub in Connecticut.

2. Waterbury

Unfortunately, Waterbury, a city located along the Naugatuck River and a short drive from New York City, is known for its high crime rate and dangerous reputation. With a population of 110,403, the city’s crime rate is 47% higher than the national average. Since the 1970s, Waterbury has been plagued with economic issues, leading to a deficient quality of life for its residents. Job opportunities are scarce in Waterbury, especially when compared to nearby major cities like New York City and Boston.

3. New London 

New London, situated at the mouth of the Thames River in southeastern Connecticut, is a bustling port city. Despite having a population of 27,367, New London has a total crime rate that’s 46% higher than the national average, making it one of Connecticut’s most dangerous cities. The most frequently reported crimes in New London are theft, assault, and robbery. Shockingly, nine murders were documented in 2022. However, despite its high crime rate, New London still boasts a strong sense of community and an active arts scene.

4. Bridgeport 

As the largest city in Connecticut, Bridgeport is a significant economical centre in the state. However, it has earned a dubious reputation for being one of the most difficult cities in Connecticut. With a population of 148,654, Bridgeport’s violent crime rate is 44% higher than the national average. Robberies, assaults, thefts, and vehicle thefts are the most frequently occurring crimes in the area. Unfortunately, many of these crimes are linked to drug trafficking and addiction, exacerbating the situation.

5. New Britain

Located in Hartford County, New Britain has a population of 74,135 and is home to Central Connecticut State University. Unfortunately, the town’s crime rate is 31% higher than the national average, making it a dangerous place to live. Property crime is the most significant concern in New Britain, with crimes such as theft, burglary, and vehicle theft being commonplace. The root cause of the city’s high crime rate is mainly due to local poverty and drug activity.

6. Hartford

With a population of 121,054, Hartford is the capital of Connecticut and the fourth-largest city in the state. Unfortunately, the city has a higher crime rate than the national average, at 14%. Hartford experiences a significant amount of burglary, theft, and assault cases. Additionally, violent crime is a significant concern in this city, with rates being 23% higher than the national average. Due to this, Hartford is considered one of the least safe cities in Connecticut.

7. Norwalk 

Located in western Connecticut, just outside of Long Island, Norwalk is a bustling city with a population of 91,184. While it has a violent crime rate slightly above the national average of 9%, it is still considered a safe city overall. The most common types of crime in Norwalk include assault, robbery, theft, and vehicle theft. Despite this, Norwalk boasts an active arts scene with many festivals hosted annually, making it a vibrant and exciting place to live. If you want to purchase a home in Norwalk, the median home price is currently $551,968.

8. Meriden

Located between New Haven and Hartford, Meriden is a city with a rich history. With a population of 60,850, the total crime rate is above the national average by 8%. Unfortunately, property crime is a significant concern in Meriden, with theft, vehicle theft, and burglary being the most common crimes reported. However, the violent crime rate is slightly below the national average, with assaults being the most frequently reported. Despite these concerns, the area surrounding Meriden is known for its scenic natural views and colonial history, making it a popular destination for visitors.

9. Norwich

Located near the Long Island Sound, Norwich is a city in New London County with a population 40,125. Although the crime rate is slightly above the state average, crime isn’t common in Norwich. However, it is still considered one of the most dangerous cities in Connecticut. Property crimes are the most common type of crime in Norwich, with theft and burglary being prevalent. Despite the stagnant economy, Norwich is generally considered a safe city. The median home price in Norwich is $240,656.

10. Hamden

Hamden, a city in New Haven County, is located near the renowned Sleeping Giant Mountain. With a population of 61,169, the property crime rate here is 7% higher than the national average. Burglaries, thefts, and vehicle thefts are Hamden’s most commonly reported crimes. Nonetheless, overall crime is not a significant concern in Hamden, as the violent crime rate remains much lower than the national average.

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