Safest Neighborhoods in New Orleans

Top 10 Safest Neighborhoods to Live in New Orleans (2023)

Visiting or living in New Orleans can be a great experience for tourists, professionals, and party-goers alike. This city has a unique Colonial French and Caribbean vibe that adds to its allure. However, it’s worth noting that New Orleans has a higher crime rate than the national average. Nevertheless, you can still find many neighbourhoods that offer safety. In this article, we will look at the top ten safest areas in New Orleans for 2023.

1. West End

If you’re looking for a safe and affordable neighbourhood in New Orleans, the West End might be the perfect fit for you. This area offers a great blend of suburban living and safety, making it a popular choice among locals. One of the main attractions of West End is the beautiful Lake Pontchartrain, which offers a variety of outdoor activities such as fishing. Many residents are fortunate enough to live in boathouses along the waterfront, making for a picturesque and peaceful lifestyle. West End is 94% safer than other neighbourhoods in New Orleans, providing a great sense of security to its residents. Additionally, the median home price in the West End is only $181,000, making it an affordable option for those looking to buy a home.

2. Old Aurora 

Old Aurora is a neighbourhood in New Orleans known for its safety, making it an ideal place for families and retirees. It offers a stunning view of the downtown skyline and is conveniently located near the city’s major attractions. Compared to other neighbourhoods in New Orleans, Old Aurora boasts a 77% lower crime rate, particularly in terms of violent crime. This neighbourhood is surrounded by numerous golf courses and parks, providing residents with plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities. Additionally, Old Aurora has a diverse range of dining options.

3. Lake Shore-Lake Vista

Lake Shore, a subdistrict of Lakeview, is among the safest neighbourhoods in New Orleans. Its population is just over 2,200 and a total crime rate of 1,191 per 100,000, making it 66% safer than the Louisiana average. The neighbourhood offers excellent beach access, within walking distance, as well as nearby parks, biking paths, and access to the beautiful Lake Pontchartrain. The median home price in Lake Shore is $440,800.

4. French Quarter

The French Quarter is undoubtedly the most well-known neighbourhood in the city, thanks to its lively nightlife and the legendary Bourbon Street. Despite being home to 3,286 people, the French Quarter boasts a lower crime rate than the average for New Orleans, making it a relatively safe place. Moreover, the entire neighbourhood has been designated as a National Historic Landmark, and during Mardi Gras, it is a popular tourist destination.

5. Central Business District

The Central Business District of New Orleans boasts an eclectic blend of towering skyscrapers, chic hotels, and an array of mouth-watering dining choices that celebrate the city’s unique cuisine. This subdistrict, situated in the heart of the French Quarter, serves as the bustling downtown of New Orleans. Visitors can enjoy a range of entertainment options, including concerts and musicals at the Orpheum and Saenger theatres. With its unbeatable location and unparalleled convenience, the Central Business District is the perfect destination for any traveller.

6. Lafitte 

Lafitte is a charming neighbourhood in New Orleans that offers a haven for residents and visitors alike. This area is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, with abundant jazz clubs, soulful cuisine, and Creole solid influences. One of the defining features of Lafitte is its small size, which imbues the neighbourhood with plenty of character. Many buildings here were constructed during the colonial era, lending the area a distinctive historical charm. Additionally, Lafitte is home to some of the oldest graveyards in New Orleans, with associated voodoo traditions dating back centuries.

7. Gentilly Terrace

Gentilly Terrace is a peaceful suburban area in New Orleans that boasts numerous newly built homes. The neighbourhood features many dining options, including traditional Cajun dishes and Italian cuisine, and is ideal for walking around. In recent years, Gentilly Terrace has transformed, with many families choosing to make it their home. The median home price in the area is $168,785, making it an affordable place to live.

8. St. Roch

The St. Roch neighbourhood in New Orleans is not only historical but also one of the safest areas in the city. This neighbourhood dates back to the early 1700s, and it’s a beautiful example of how French, Spanish, and Creole cultures have blended over the years. Named after the famous St. Roch graveyard, which has been around for centuries, the neighbourhood offers a unique dining experience. It has its market with deep historical ties to the area.

9. Lakeview 

Lakeview is well-known for being one of the safest neighbourhoods in New Orleans. The gigantic New Orleans City Park surrounds it and is highly regarded as a friendly, active, and secure place to reside. Despite offering many shops, restaurants, and outdoor parks, Lakeview still retains its peaceful residential atmosphere. Moreover, commuting around the city is a breeze as Lakeview is conveniently connected to the rest of New Orleans via the I-610. Residents enjoy leisure time at the Marconi Fishing Pier or watching a show at one of the many local theatres. The median home price in this area is estimated at $356,393.

10. Central City

Central City, with a population of 13,500, is a vibrant, working-class area that has been revitalised in recent years. This neighbourhood is famous for its Mardi Gras parades and delicious Cajun cuisine. Central City also hosts local art exhibits, including film screenings at the Ashe Cultural Arts Center. While the crime rate in this area is slightly above the national average, as much of the neighbourhood gentrifies, the crime rate continues to decrease.

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