Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in San Francisco

List of the Top 10 Safest Neighborhoods in San Francisco (2023)

Nestled along the West Coast, San Francisco stands out as one of the most picturesque cities in the United States. With its stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and its rolling hills, it is no wonder that this city has become northern California’s cultural and economic centre. However, while San Francisco is a popular place to work and live, it is crucial to be aware of the safest neighbourhoods within the city. So, keep reading to find out about the neighbourhoods that offer the best safety in San Francisco.

Safest Neighborhoods in San Francisco

1. Outer Sunset

Outer Sunset, located in San Francisco, is widely considered the safest neighbourhood in the city. Despite being in the middle of the bustling metropolis, this charming neighbourhood offers a tranquil suburban ambience perfect for families and individuals alike. With the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge bordering Outer Sunset and the stunning Pacific Ocean in view, the neighbourhood boasts a picturesque landscape that is hard to match. Moreover, Outer Sunset has an exceptional school system and a well-developed public transit, making it convenient for residents to move around. Regarding safety, the overall crime rate in Outer Sunset is only 1.5 per 1,000 residents, which is 80% safer than the state average, making it an ideal place to call home.

2. Bernal Heights

Bernal Heights, a charming Victorian-style neighbourhood in the southeastern area of San Francisco, is widely recognized for its breathtaking view of the San Francisco skyline and many independent art galleries. Apart from that, it is also one of the safest places to live in San Francisco. With an overall crime rate of just 3.2 per 1,000 residents, Bernal Heights boasts a population of over 28,000 people. According to recent statistics, the neighbourhood is 57% safer than the California average, making it an ideal place to call home.

3. Crocker-Amazon

Crocker-Amazon is a charming suburban neighbourhood located on the outskirts of the Excelsior District in San Francisco. It is a perfect neighbourhood for families due to its winding, hilly streets and various housing options, including Victorian, Edwardian, and Mid-Century Modern homes. Crocker-Amazon is known for its diverse community and delectable Mexican and Salvadorian cuisines. The neighbourhood boasts a total crime rate of 1,041 per 100,000, which is 60% lower than the average in California. This makes Crocker-Amazon an extremely safe place to call home.

4. Oceanview 

Oceanview, located in San Francisco, is a family-friendly neighbourhood highly regarded for its safety. Offering affordable housing options, excellent schools, and reliable public transportation, Oceanview has become one of the top choices for families looking to settle in the city. The crime rate in Oceanview is impressively low, standing at 1,443 per 100,000, which is only 44% of the national average. Moreover, the neighbourhood enjoys a reputation for being one of the cleanest areas in San Francisco and is relatively free from vagrancy issues. Interestingly, many of Oceanview’s population comprises San Francisco State University and City College of San Francisco staff and students.

5. Excelsior

The Excelsior neighbourhood in San Francisco is a peaceful and diverse community on the city’s southern side. It boasts excellent public transportation options while still providing easy walkability. One of the standout features of Excelsior is its tight-knit community, with a local community watch group that frequently organizes concerts, events, and cleanups. With a population of nearly 38,000 residents, Excelsior enjoys a crime rate that is 48% lower than the average rate in California, providing additional peace of mind for those who call this neighbourhood home.

6. Financial District

The Financial District is a highly sought-after neighbourhood that is particularly popular among younger individuals owing to its prime location near downtown. A significant portion of the neighbourhood’s residents works in the tech and finance industries, given the proximity to many offices. Moreover, the Financial District is conveniently located near the bustling areas of Chinatown and Embarcadero, which offer diverse dining options. Additionally, this neighbourhood boasts a relatively low crime rate, with a 32% lower rate than the California average. However, apartments in the Financial District tend to be quite pricey.

7. Sea Cliff

Located along the stunning Pacific Coast in northwestern San Francisco, Sea Cliff is not only one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in the city but also one of the safest. With a population of 36,000, this high-profile area has been home to many celebrities. Despite its exclusivity, Sea Cliff boasts a crime rate that is 26% lower than the national average. As a result, the median home price in this prestigious neighbourhood is over a million dollars.

8. Nob Hill

Nob Hill is a premium neighbourhood with luxury, boasting luxurious hotels and historic mansions. As a hub of luxury, Nob Hill is replete with Michelin-starred restaurants, cultural centres, art galleries, and high-end boutiques. Visitors can explore famous landmarks, including the stunning Huntington Park and many other well-known parks. With a median home price of $924,939, Nob Hill is the epitome of sophistication and elegance.

9. Presidio Heights

Presidio Heights is a charming neighbourhood known for its beautiful tree-lined streets and stunning Tudor-style homes with a rich history. It is a must-visit tourist destination, offering access to luxurious country clubs, picturesque golf courses, and scenic hiking trails. The neighbourhood is relatively safe, with a crime rate of 2,613 per 100,000, which aligns with the national average. However, Presidio Heights is also one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in San Francisco, with the median home price exceeding $1.5 million.

10. SoMa

South of Market, commonly known as SoMa, is near downtown San Francisco’s heart. This neighbourhood houses numerous museums and serves as the main headquarters for several tech giants. SoMa comprises several smaller communities, making this neighbourhood a vibrant and diverse place to live. With a population of 36,000, SoMa has a crime rate of 5,202 per 100,000, slightly above the California average.

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