A blizzard is anticipated to hit central and eastern Colorado on Monday night

Holiday travelers in central and eastern Colorado, as well as neighboring states, should brace themselves for challenging weather conditions. They can anticipate heavy snowfall, strong winds, limited visibility, and the possibility of road closures.

The National Weather Service in Boulder is advising individuals to stay updated on the latest forecasts and make necessary preparations for possible changes in weather patterns. It is recommended to consider alternate routes or adjust travel plans accordingly.

According to the National Weather Service (NWS) in Boulder, there is currently some snow and blowing snow in western Nebraska and northwest Kansas. However, the situation is expected to worsen as we move into the evening, with an increase in both snowfall and wind. The NWS predicts the development of blizzard conditions from South Dakota across western Nebraska to east central Colorado and northwest Kansas tonight, which are likely to persist through Tuesday. As a result, travel in these areas will be extremely challenging and hazardous, with the possibility of road closures.

Traveling through these areas without adequate preparation is strongly discouraged, as the impacts are anticipated to persist until Tuesday.

The Colorado State Patrol has issued a blizzard warning for eastern Colorado on I-70. They have warned that the road conditions are rapidly deteriorating and will continue to worsen throughout today and tomorrow. They strongly discourage travel as it will be extremely dangerous.

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