Violent criminal randomly shoves 66-year-old NYC

Vicious criminal randomly shoves 66-year-old NYC violinist, breaking wrist and possibly ruining career: prosecutors

According to officials, Michael Allen, a 34-year-old suspect with 15 prior arrests and seven convictions, including assault, was released without bail on supervised release by Judge Lumarie Maldonado Cruz during his arraignment at Manhattan Criminal Court on Friday. Allen also has an open case for allegedly spitting on and kicking a police officer.

According to prosecutors, Allen allegedly assaulted the musician on August 5 while leaving the theatre where she works on West 45th Street.

During the hearing, the prosecutor, Madeline Holbrook, requested the judge to set Allen’s bail at $50,000. She pointed out that the suspect had a lengthy criminal record, and his probation had been revoked twice. Moreover, he had failed to appear in court in prior cases.

According to Holbrook, Allen could potentially face imprisonment if found guilty of the crime. Additionally, the victim has suffered a severely injured wrist, requiring surgery and lengthy physical therapy to recover from.

According to Holbrook, the injuries sustained by the victim have the potential to impact their career significantly.

According to authorities, Allen is facing three open cases related to a disturbing incident on November 29. During this incident, he was caught illegally selling marijuana on the sidewalk in Times Square and subsequently resisted arrest by kicking a police officer and even spitting in their face.

The court has scheduled his appearance for October 19 in the new case, and he is also expected to appear in court on September 18 for the case involving the police officer.

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