87-year-old grandma hit, killed

California family claims their 87-year-old grandma was fatally struck while exiting a car after church

A family in California is grieving the loss of an 87-year-old woman who passed away tragically. The woman had just returned home from church and was being dropped off in a car when she was hit by an alleged drunk driver, according to the police.

According to KTLA, Aurora Reynozo from Sylmar was tragically knocked to the ground and killed by a suspected drunk driver during a car crash that occurred at 8:45 p.m. on Thursday, September 7th.

According to KNBC, a 33-year-old man who allegedly hit a car and fled the scene was later arrested for driving under the influence. In his attempt to escape, he rammed into five other parked vehicles before finally coming to a stop. The incident caused significant damage to the parked cars and posed a risk to public safety.

According to KABC, the individual who was driving Reynozo home after a Bible study gathering also suffered injuries in the accident. The source reports that the friend was injured as well.

According to KNBC, Felicia Reynozo, the granddaughter of Reynozo, stated that her grandfather was adored by numerous individuals.

During an interview with KABC, the woman shared heartfelt memories of her grandmother. She fondly recalled how her grandmother was always there for people, raising other people’s children and providing food to anyone who needed it. Her kind and generous nature knew no bounds as she treated everyone like royalty, regardless of their background or actions.

According to Lorraine Aceves, the niece of Reynozo, her aunt was an essential member of their family and held a special place in their hearts. This statement was made to KTLA, indicating Reynozo’s impact on those closest to her.

According to Aceves, the station was informed that the woman was a “ray of light” who illuminated any room she entered. Her presence was a source of beauty for everyone around her, and she profoundly impacted those who knew her.

Located approximately 25 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, Sylmar is a bustling city in California.

It’s been 27 years since a man ran out of gas during his road trip in California, and he hasn’t been seen since. This man’s disappearance has remained a mystery for almost three decades, leaving his family and authorities with more questions than answers. The incident occurred when technology was not as advanced as today, and searching for the missing man was even more challenging. Despite numerous efforts to locate him, he has yet to be found, leaving his loved ones to wonder what happened to him on that fateful day.

According to California police, a naked intruder entered a room where three children slept. The incident is quite alarming and raises concerns about the safety of children.

According to Arizona police, a driver who fled the scene of a fiery crash that resulted in the death of one person stopped at a fast-food restaurant to order lunch. The incident has raised several questions about the driver’s actions and behaviour. It is unclear why the driver chose to leave the accident scene and whether they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time. The authorities are investigating the incident and trying to gather more information about the driver’s behaviour and motives.

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