21-year-old Arrested in Latest high profile arrest for Airport Blvd chase suspect

21-year-old Arrested in Latest high profile arrest for Airport Blvd chase suspect

Mobile, Alabama – According to recent updates, there is fresh information regarding the dramatic high-speed pursuit that culminated in a crash on Airport Boulevard on Thursday evening in Mobile, Alabama.

According to reports, Tymetrick James, aged 21, is the prime suspect in a case, and a bond hearing has been scheduled for him on Monday. However, the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office is keen on keeping him behind bars and has already filed a motion to revoke his bond.

As the high-speed chase ensued, James was driving at an alarming 100 miles per hour. The pursuit finally came to a halt in front of Hooters, where James lost control and crashed his car. The vehicle flipped several times before ultimately colliding with a light pole.

Mobile Police reported that the pursuit began in the vicinity of Grelot and University. The officials stated that James was flagged down on suspicion of drug offenses but declined to stop, and instead continued traveling eastbound on Airport.

According to authorities, he attempted to maneuver through traffic by weaving in between two vehicles near Azalea and Downtowner Boulevard, resulting in collisions with both cars. Thankfully, the drivers of the other vehicles were unharmed in the incidents.

Logan Bowers, an employee of Cloud 9, was able to hear the first crash.

“It was close to closing and I was picking up some cardboard boxes and taking them to the back — turned around and then I heard a massive crash. I actually thought someone had hit the side of the building it was such a shake,” recalled Bowers. “Then I turned around — and I immediately saw two or three police officers come into view. But given how immediate the cops showed up — I was like oh — this must be a chase or something.”

As he continued driving towards the east down Airport, James suddenly lost control of his vehicle, causing it to flip over and come to a halt.

According to police, James managed to walk away and even run after the crash, despite the severity of the accident. It’s almost unbelievable considering the state of the wreckage. Nevertheless, his escape was short-lived as he was quickly apprehended in the parking lot behind Hooters.

Around 1 a.m. on Friday, James was taken to Metro Jail, four hours after receiving medical attention for facial injuries sustained in the crash.

James is no stranger to Metro Jail. He has had multiple encounters with law enforcement, having been arrested a total of 8 times since 2020. Of these arrests, 5 were related to charges of attempting to elude police.

Tymetrick James may ring a bell as he has been involved in two other well-known cases. One of which was the shooting incident that took place at a vigil held at Cottage Hill and Azalea Road back in March of 2020. James was one of the four individuals taken into custody and was charged with the attempt to elude.

Six months later, James found himself once again in trouble with the law. He was one of two men accused of shooting at a Mobile Police car on Flicker Drive and faced several charges, including attempted murder.

According to MPD, during James’ arrest, he was discovered to be carrying marijuana.

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