Like Monica, Courtney Cox Spoofs 'Friends' In Reel Revealing Secret Closet

Like Monica, Courtney Cox Spoofs ‘Friends’ In Reel Revealing Secret Closet

It seems that Courtney Cox, known for her role as Monica in the popular sitcom Friends, may have more in common with her character than we had previously realized.

Cox recently shared a hilarious joke reel on her Instagram account, where she parodied the popular NBC sitcom by uncovering a “secret closet” in her own house, which was filled with random stuff, similar to the one Monica had on the show.

As the camera rolls, the 59-year-old actress eagerly takes her viewers on a tour of her recently renovated dining room. However, her creative director, Max Goodrich, who is behind the camera, soon discovers that instead of the pristine space she was hoping to showcase, the room is cluttered with a variety of odds and ends. Despite the setback, the actress maintains her composure and continues to give the tour, unfazed by the unexpected mess.

In an attempt to prevent him from viewing it, the actress swiftly grabs the camera away from Goodrich and orders him to “erase the footage right now.”

I could hear the unmistakable theme from the classic TV show Sanford and Son playing in the background.

In her latest social media post, she shared a clip of her secret closet, with a caption that read, “Come on…we all have one. #secretcloset #monica.” It seems like Monica is not afraid to show off her personal space and wants her fans to know that it’s okay to have a secret closet of their own.

If you’re a fan of the popular TV show, you may remember the plot from Season 8, Episode 14, titled “The One With the Secret Closet”. In this episode, Chandler, played by Matthew Perry, discovers that Monica isn’t quite as neat and organized as she leads everyone to believe.

Take a look at some clips from that particular episode:

Monica's Secret Closet | Friends

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