Is Lando Norris Gay

Is Lando Norris Gay? Revealing The Sexuality Of Formula One Driver!

Lando Norris is a dual citizen of the United Kingdom and Belgium, drives for McLaren in Formula One under the British flag. He won the MSA Formula title in 2015 and the Toyota Racing Series, Eurocup, and Formula Renault 2.0 Northern European Cup titles in 2016. Lando Norris’s life has been full of trouble both on and off the track.

However, there is a rumor on the internet that Lando Norris is gay. Because of these rumors, many people think the Formula One driver is gay. So, is Lando Norris gay? Do any of these stories have any truth to them? In this article, we will tell you everything about Lando Norris’s sexuality. Let’s find out.

Lando Norris

Is Lando Norris Gay?

Lando Norris is not gay. The story began when a Formula One driver wore a rainbow-coloured race suit to a Grand Prix. After that, a video on McLaren’s YouTube page showed that the outfit was hiding a rainbow paint job on his McLaren MCL35. People who liked him on Tumblr quickly knew him by his signature orange stripes.

McLaren Unboxed | Home Again | #F170

Some people thought the rainbow suit would be a sign of LGBTQ+ rights, but McLaren later said that wasn’t the point of the design. Instead, the rainbow livery was made to promote variety and openness in Formula One and to honour these ideas.

Fans also supported Norris and the team for their efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in sports, no matter what the suit was trying to say. Even though this happened, it is clear from his dating background that he has only dated women, which is enough proof that he is straight.

Is Lando Norris Gay?

Who Is Lando Norris Dating?

According to The US Sun, Lando Norris and Magui Corceiro are dating after they were seen together in Monaco. After a video of Formula One driver Lando Norris driving around the streets of Monaco with Joao Felix’s supposed “lover,” Magui Corceiro, was posted online, all kinds of rumours started to fly.

On May 28, the Microstate will host the F1 Grand Prix, and on that day, two people were seen driving around in what looked like an old blue Fiat. The short video went viral fast, but for some reason, it was taken down, which made people even more suspicious.

Joao Felix’s relationship with Portuguese model Magui Corceiro, which started when Felix was 20 and Corceiro was 17, continues in 2019. After Félix joined Atlético, they went to Spain, where their relationship seemed to improve.

But new pictures back up rumours in Portugal that the couple may have broken up secretly after being together for four years. One of the many questions people have about the couple is what Corceiro and Norris were doing in Monaco if she is still supposedly seeing Joao Felix. Neither the Formula 1 driver nor the model has said anything about the video being made public.

Who Is Lando Norris Dating

Lando Norris Dating History

Lando Norris dated a Portuguese model named Luisinha Oliveira from August 2021 to September 2022.. Her full name is Luisinha Barosa Oliveira. She is 22 years old and comes from Portugal. The Portuguese modelling agency Central Models is in charge of her business.

Luisinha Oliveira and Lando Norris’s first date was August 10, 2022. On August 10, 2022, they marked their first dating anniversary. The Formula One driver Lando Norris, is said to have broken up with the model Luisinha Oliveira in September 2022 after dating her for eight months.

They broke up When the new model discovered that Norris was meeting her at McDonald’s before the Dutch Grand Prix. Even though he said, “I’m single now,” Norris is said to have asked the Dutch woman to meet him at his fancy hotel for burgers and fries, even though he said, “I’m single now.”

After the notes were put online, Norris asked the model to take them down in secret. Soon after, he told the world on Instagram that he and Oliveira had broken up, saying they had “mutually decided” to do so and wishing her the best. After the breakup, Oliveira shared a mysterious message on Instagram that said, “Enjoy every given moment.” Norris took down his first post that said they were breaking up.

Lando Norris Dating History

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