Is Craig Jones Gay

Is Craig Jones Gay? Launching ‘KEEP JUJITSU GAY’ T-Shirt Raises Questions!

Craig Jones is an Australian grappler and Brazilian jiujitsu black belt competitor and coach. Jones has won the IBJJF world No-Gi Brazilian jiujitsu title as a purple belt. He has also won two silver medals at the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships and three Polaris Pro Grappling titles. Jones oversees B Team Jiujitsu and trains in Austin, Texas.

Craig Jones’s sexuality has been talked about for a long time because of how he acts and how he shows his art. But this time, a “KEEP JIUJITSU GAY” T-shirt made by B-Team Jiujitsu brought up his sexuality again as a point of discussion. So, is Craig Jones gay? Or are these reports just not accurate? In this article we talk about the sexuality of Craig Jones.

Craig Jones

Is Craig Jones Gay?

Craig Jones is not gay. Some things make it easy to see why some people think he is that. First, he just put out a t-shirt with the words “KEEP JIUJITSU GAY” on it, and it sold out faster than any other product in B Team Jiujitsu’s history, which has raised some eyes.

Second, he and his friend Lachlan Giles were in a fake proposal photoshoot video posted on his Instagram. One of the pictures shows them kissing each other on the lips. But it’s essential to remember that these things seem more like a joke than a true sign of his sexuality. People have laughed at it, which shows that it wasn’t supposed to be taken seriously.

Also, Craig has never talked about or shown the world how he feels about being gay. So, it’s important not to make assumptions and to give him privacy until he decides to talk about it himself.

Is Craig Jones Gay?

Is Craig Jones Dating Someone?

Craig Jones isn’t dating anyone right now. He hasn’t said anything about his relationship status publicly, which has led to misunderstandings and different stories.

Some people say he is married to Susy Jones, while others say he is in a relationship with Gabbi Garcia, with whom he is often seen on social media. But it’s essential to remember that social media can sometimes lead to confusion.

Even though Craig often posts funny video clips of him and Gabbi Garcia on his Instagram, this doesn’t mean they are dating.

Is Craig Jones Dating Someone?

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