Is Officer West Gay

Is Officer West Gay? Revealing The Sexuality Of The Star In “The Rookie”!

Officer West is a character on the TV show The Rookie. In one episode, West is shown flirting with a male suspect; in other episodes, he is shown to be uncomfortable when heterosexual partners show affection in public. Jackson West is the first LGBTQ character to show up on The Rookie.

Many “The Rookie” fans are confused about Officer Jackson West’s sexuality because it is never made clear. People disagree on the internet about whether or not he is gay. Is he gay for sure? Or did they get it wrong? In this article we tell you everything about Officer West Sexuality.

Officer West

Is Officer West Gay?

According to sources, Officer West is, in fact gay. The first openly gay person to appear on The Rookie was the character Jackson West. In “The Rookie Season 2: Breaking Point,” West meets Sterling Freeman, a male actor on a popular serial TV show that West likes. Grey asks West and Lopez to help with the production and teach the actors how to do police work correctly. At the show’s end, after falling in love, West and Freeman start going out together. People think, though, that he might be dating someone on the show’s cast or team.

Who Plays Officer West In “The Rookie”?

Titus Makin Jr. played Officer Jackson West in “The Rookie.” He was born in the United States and acts, dances, and sings. He was born on June 10, 1989, in Honolulu, Hawaii. He grew up in Los Angeles, California. Most people know Makin from his parts in the TV shows “Glee,” “Pretty Little Liars,” and “The Rookie.” On “Glee,” he plays the role of David, a Dalton High School singer.

In “Pretty Little Liars,” he played a young photographer named Clark Wilkins. As was already said, he also played Officer Jackson West in the movie “The Rookie.” Jackson West is shown to be a new member of the LAPD who is still getting used to how things work.

Throughout the series, Jackson’s character grows as he faces the challenges of being a police officer, such as dealing with complex cases, getting along with his fellow officers, and balancing his personal and work lives. Makin is an actress, but he also plays music. He has made several songs and EPs that show how good a singer and songwriter he is.

Who Plays Officer West In “The Rookie”

Officer West Left The “The Rookie”

In an interview with TVLine, director Alex Hawley said that a choice made by a writer did not cause Jackson’s death. Hawley noted that Titus Makin Jr. would not return to the show, so they had to make the best of it.

In the show, Jackson West was fighting with his kidnappers and was shot in the back while filmed from behind. After saving Angela and her pregnant baby, the team set out to find the people who killed Jackson.

Titus Makin, who played Jackson West, started to look inside himself after the cops killed George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. He played the part for the show’s first three seasons but didn’t return for the fourth. Makin was distraught by Jackson’s death and wasn’t sure if he would return to the show. Alex Hawley, who was in charge of the show, wanted to learn more about Jackson’s role, so he made him leave.

Officer West Left The “The Rookie”

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