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GOP Representative Criticizes Marjorie Taylor Greene for Proposing Biden Impeachment: ‘Ridiculous’

Ken Buck, a Republican Representative, has once again voiced his disapproval towards his fellow GOP colleague, Marjorie Taylor Greene. This time, he criticized her for her attempts to impeach the Democratic President, Joe Biden.

While Greene has been an outspoken advocate for impeaching Biden, she recently took to her social media platform, X, to urge Congress not to proceed with the impeachment vote hastily. Instead, she recommended that an impeachment inquiry should be conducted. The Georgia Republican had already submitted various articles of impeachment against Biden, including one on the very first day of his presidency earlier this year. However, she now seems to have a change of heart and is imploring her fellow members of Congress to initiate an investigation, regardless of how long it may take.

During an interview on MSNBC’s “Inside with Jen Psaki,” Colorado Republican Buck didn’t hesitate to jab at Greene. He called it “absurd” to label the MAGA loyalist as an “expert” on impeachment.

During a recent interview, Jen Psaki, who previously served as President Biden’s White House press secretary, inquired about Marjorie Taylor Greene’s sudden shift in focus towards impeaching Biden.

During a recent MSNBC segment, the host cited a post from Greene’s social media account that called for a fair and thorough impeachment inquiry process rather than a hastily organized vote. The quote emphasized the importance of carefully considering the reasons for impeachment and not rushing the decision-making process in Congress.

Psaki expressed that the timeline shift was a notable development and seemed to put a pause on things. She asked Buck for his thoughts on Greene’s post.

According to Buck, Marjorie had submitted articles of impeachment against President Biden over two and a half years ago, even before he took office. Buck finds it absurd that Marjorie is now considered an impeachment expert or someone who should have a say in the timing of impeachment.

On Sunday, Newsweek attempted to contact the representatives of Greene and Buck for comment via email and phone.

During the conversation with Psaki, Buck expressed his opinion that he did not see any convincing evidence that could justify the impeachment of the President.

According to his statement, impeachment proceedings should only commence if concrete evidence links President Biden to a serious crime or misdemeanour. As of the moment, there is no such evidence that exists.

In a swift response to Buck’s MSNBC criticism, Greene took to X and shared her thoughts on Sunday evening.

In a recent tweet, Greene raises a question about Ken Buck’s political alliance and suggests he might be a Democrat. She also points out Buck’s support for Joe Biden, which she finds surprising. This tweet signals Greene’s scepticism towards Buck’s political affiliations and loyalty to the current administration.

Throughout this summer, Buck and Greene have had numerous clashes. Just last week, the congressman openly mocked the fact that Greene was once a CrossFit gym owner.

On September 5, Greene took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to criticize Buck for his defence of how the January 6 defendants were being treated. This came after a GOP official in Buck’s home state of Colorado claimed that the defendant’s constitutional rights were violated. In several posts, Greene expressed her disagreement with Buck’s stance. One such command can be found on Greene’s Twitter page, where she shared a link to an article quoting Buck and added her commentary.

In a recent incident, Greene, known for her unwavering support for former President Donald Trump and his baseless allegations of election fraud, criticized Buck, a fellow member of the conservative Freedom Caucus. Buck had been vocal in his opposition to impeaching President Joe Biden and had also voted in favour of certifying the results of the 2020 presidential election, which saw the victory of the Democratic Party. Greene’s outburst clearly indicated the deep divide within the Republican Party regarding the election results and the party’s future.

Two days after the congresswoman’s statements, Buck responded by appearing on conservative talk radio. During the interview, he criticised Greene’s association with CrossFit and her purported lack of knowledge about the U.S. Constitution. It’s worth noting that Buck, a former federal prosecutor and law professor, has a background in the legal field. He used this opportunity to take a jab at Greene’s perceived shortcomings. The interview clearly indicated the tense relationship between the two politicians.

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