Five arrested when fight breaks

Five people are arrested after a fight in Centralia Walmart’s food section

Monday night, a fight broke out in the food section of the Walmart in Centralia, Washington, and resulted in the arrest of five individuals, according to Centralia Police.

The police believe the altercation stemmed from a fight earlier in the day at Centralia High School, where another individual was arrested.

Monday evening at 7:35 p.m., in response to multiple 911 calls, police arrived at Walmart to find a fight between five young women still in progress. The altercation was quickly broken up by the police, but not before a Walmart employee who had attempted to intervene was injured.

Three adults and two minors were taken into custody for aggravated battery in a public place. Jakayla Cooper, age 20, of East Howard in Centralia was taken to the Clinton County Jail at Carlyle, while Shakaria Woodley, age 21, of Fairway Drive in Centralia and Raozhana Hall-Louis, age 18, of McKee Street in Centralia, were issued notices to appear in court. Two female juveniles aged 15 from Irvington were returned to their parents.

Walmart reports that the Pretzel Kiosk sustained $265 in damages during the fight. Initial reports do not indicate whether or not the Walmart worker required hospitalization. Before police arrived, the grandmother of one of the combatants also attempted to break up the fight.

Earlier in the day, according to police, a fight between two juvenile females was broken up at Centralia High School. One of the minors was charged with severe battery. This fight’s victim has been identified as a 15-year-old girl from Centralia.

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