Texas City cop fired over traffic stop video

Texas City cop fired for traffic stop video

A police officer caught on a viral YouTube video “power tripping” was fired this week.

Scott Harrell, a police officer from Texas City, is currently looking for a new job after body camera footage of an incident at Buc-ees, a famous Texas institution, was leaked. The incident occurred on April 19 when Christopher Schull pulled up to a gas pump, and the officer sat in his cruiser at the gas station.

In the video, Harrell can be seen driving up to Schull’s car and getting out of his cruiser to inform Schull that he was pulled over for “speeding through the parking lot” and “cutting parking spaces.”

When asked about the situation, Shull replied, “I didn’t believe I did anything wrong. I came over to get gas.”

According to the report filed by Harrell with the Texas City Police Department, he stated that Schull was “argumentative and confrontational.” His report documented this claimwhich can be found on the Click2Houston website.

During an interview with Houston NBC affiliate KPRC, Schull refuted the claims made against him.

During an interview with KPRC reporters, Shull expressed his frustration with the lies spreading about him. He firmly believed that the individual in question was using their police powers to harm him and his reputation intentionally. Shull’s sentiments were clear – he had been unfairly targeted and was determined to set the record straight.

During the video, Schull poses a question to the police officer regarding the type of citation that can be issued on private property. In response, Harrell states that he can give a citation for disregarding a traffic control device, as captured in the footage.

Harrell acknowledges in the video that he understands why the individual is upset. He adds that nobody is fond of being approached by the police, but the individual must recognize that they have done something wrong.

Afterwards, the police officer in question issued a warning to Schull, threatening to take legal action and have them arrested.

In the video, Harrell says, “Do you want to end up in jail? This kind of behaviour can land you there. I don’t want to waste my time taking you to jail, but your negative attitude is unacceptable.” Despite his stern warning, Harrell’s tone remains calm and collected throughout the interaction.

According to KPRC, Harrell informed Shull that he has no intention of stopping his current actions.

According to Harrell, Schull had allegedly hit a truck in the parking lot. However, Schull has released a surveillance video showing that he had just passed the car without any collision.

After placing Schull in the cruiser and handcuffing him, Harrell has been accused of “forcing [his] hand,” as Schull claims.

“I need to see this through to the end. Otherwise, I know you’ll head to the police department and file a complaint against me,” he said.

After some time, Schull is issued a citation and finally permitted to leave, thanks to the arrival of another officer at the location.

According to a press release by Texas City PD on May 24, Harrell was first assigned to “inside administrative duties” during the investigation of the incident.

According to former Chief Joe Stanton, the Texas City Police Department has rigorous policies to prevent officers from infringing on the rights of individuals. This statement emphasizes the department’s commitment to upholding the law while ensuring all citizens are treated respectfully and dignity. The importance of such policies cannot be overstated, especially in today’s climate, where law enforcement agencies are under scrutiny to maintain transparency and accountability. By adhering to these strict policies, the Texas City Police Department sets a positive example for other law enforcement agencies.

According to a press release on September 8th, Harrell has been fired by the new Chief, Landis Cravens.

According to the statement released, the decision was made after a comprehensive review. The company remains committed to upholding the highest professionalism, ethics, and community service, hence the need to take this step.

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