Firefighters Extricate Driver After Yet Another Truck Crashes

After another truck crash on Route 287, firefighters extricate the driver

According to responders, a truck filled with gravel crashed through a metal guardrail on the northbound highway’s centre median between Campgaw Road and Darlington Avenue on September 11th, just before 3:30 p.m. The incident occurred on a rainy day.

As the rig lost its balance, it toppled over and came to rest with its cabin obstructing the southbound lanes. The driver was trapped inside, though he remained conscious despite a gash on his forehead.

It was a gruelling endeavour for firefighters to rescue him from the wreckage, taking almost an hour. As they worked tirelessly to free him, the traffic situation worsened, causing a buildup of vehicles for miles in both directions.

Mahwah EMS and paramedics from Valley Hospital in Ridgewood promptly attended to the driver. They provided necessary medical aid and transported the driver to Hackensack University Medical Center for further treatment.

For years, the area residents and commuters have been dealing with a constant stream of crashes on the highway, mostly involving tractor-trailers and trucks. Despite numerous pleas for relief, the issue has remained unaddressed.

According to officials, the recent resurfacing of the road has only exacerbated the problem due to the slippery conditions it has created.

According to the locals, the combination of reckless driving and unsafe speed can lead to significant stress, posing a risk of injury or even death for responders and civilians.

On Monday, the Mahwah and State Police immediately responded to the situation, accompanied by the Mahwah Fire Companies 1, 2 and 4 and the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

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