Truck Collides with Stroller in NYC

Truck Collides with Stroller in NYC, Grandmother Fatally Injured and Toddler Injured

A heartbreaking incident on Tuesday in New York City, occurred when a 66-year-old woman lost her life in a collision with a pickup truck. When the accident happened, she was pushing her granddaughter in a stroller through a crosswalk  The tragedy has left the community in shock and mourning for losing a loved one.

As per a recent report by the New York Post, a tragic incident occurred in Brooklyn where a 66-year-old woman lost her life after being struck by a pickup truck while pushing her 2-year-old granddaughter in a stroller. The little girl was lucky to have only suffered minor scrapes and bruises and is currently in stable condition at a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, the woman, who remains unidentified,, suffered severe head trauma from the accident and was rushed to the hospital, where she later passed away.

According to the Post, the incident occurred while the victim was crossing 25th Avenue, and it was a genuinely terrifying experience.

According to the Post, the man behind the truck’s wheel involved in the collision was a 56-year-old individual whose identity has not yet been disclosed. The report also stated that he waited at the accident scene until the police arrived.

The Highway District Collision Investigation Squad of the New York Police Department is carrying out the investigation into the crash

As of Tuesday, it was still uncertain whether the crash was caused by speeding or the driver being under the influence. As stated by the Post, the the driver and the truck involved in the incident were reported to have been fully licensed,

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