subway tracks at 68th Street station

68th Street station police seek suspect who pushed grandfather onto subway tracks.

An investigation is currently being conducted by the police following a disturbing incident at an Upper East Side subway station. The incident involved a 74-year-old man who was pushed onto the tracks.

According to officials, the incident occurred in the early hours of Tuesday morning on the platform of the 6 train at the 68th Street – Hunter College station.

According to authorities, the perpetrator was shouting at himself just before shoving the man onto the tracks.

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The victim was fortunate that there was no train approaching during the incident. An MTA staff member assisted the victim in getting off the tracks while the suspect managed to escape.

According to reports, the elderly individual, who is 74 years old, was admitted to the hospital due to minor cuts.

According to authorities, the individual being sought is a male in his thirties with a dark complexion and weighing approximately 200 pounds. Reports indicate that he was last seen wearing black pants and a tan shirt.

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