Clarksburg officer on leave following charges

A Clarksburg Police Department officer has been placed on administrative leave following charges of domestic battery and domestic assault, according to reports from Stonewood.

According to a criminal complaint, officers responded to a report of a domestic incident at a residence in Stonewood on Monday, November 20th.

When officers arrived at the residence, they discovered that no one was present. However, they observed a broken TV and a coffee table in the living room.

According to authorities, Jackson was questioned about the incident at the home. He stated that he had gone there and asked about the whereabouts of the other person involved. Jackson admitted to hitting the TV several times during the altercation. He also claimed that he had pushed the woman away in an attempt to prevent her from shutting the door on him, which resulted in her falling.

According to the police, Jackson claimed that he also held the broken TV’s plastic in front of the victim’s face.

Jackson was found with blood on his right hand and left pant leg, according to authorities.

Jackson is facing charges of domestic assault and domestic battery.

According to CPD Chief Mark Kiddy, Jackson, an officer with the Clarksburg Police Department, has been placed on administrative leave while the investigation is ongoing.

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