Model, boyfriend shot near parking lot

Model and boyfriend shot near Home Depot parking lot in Brooklyn following apparent parking dispute.

A young singer and model, aged 26, is currently in critical condition after being involved in a double shooting near a Home Depot parking lot in Brooklyn. The incident seems to have arisen from a disagreement over a parking spot.

At around midday on Saturday, a shooting occurred at Willoughby Avenue and Sanford Street intersection.

During an incident over parking, Imani Sharpless and her boyfriend, Cordel McDuffie, found themselves in a dispute with another man. Imani and Cordel, both present at the scene, were involved in the altercation.

As soon as the man started shooting at them, they immediately ran for cover and escaped in a white Hyundai Sonata. Once they were at a safe distance, they promptly contacted the police for help.

After sustaining injuries, Sharpless was hit in the head, while McDuffie was shot in the leg. Both of them received medical attention at Kings County Hospital.

Model, boyfriend shot near parking lot of Home Depot in Brooklyn

On Monday, McDuffie addressed the public from his hospital bed.

He admired her by saying, “She is a beautiful person inside out and has a special fondness for children. Her vibrant personality is infectious, and she is genuinely kind-hearted.” He added that the current situation, which has arisen due to a trivial matter, is extremely overwhelming.

According to McDuffie, the issue originated from a disagreement regarding parking arrangements within the shopping complex.

According to him, the two drivers stepped out of their vehicles, and McDuffie quickly attempted to calm the situation down before it could escalate further.

According to McDuffie, he and the suspect could move past the altercation and carry on with their business inside the store.

According to McDuffie’s account, he and his partner departed at approximately 12:15 p.m. and stopped on Willoughby Avenue. Suddenly, he felt a sudden impact, and shortly after, the assailant discharged his firearm before fleeing the scene.

McDuffie shared that he is holding onto hope amidst the critical condition that Sharpless is currently in.

He expressed his earnest need for everyone’s prayers, stating, “I need her to be OK.”

The authorities are still investigating, and no arrests have been made. If you have any information that could aid the research, please don’t hesitate to contact the police.

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