attacked at Southern California McDonald's,

A 13-year-old girl is assaulted at a McDonald’s in Southern California while onlookers take out their phones and record.

In Los Angeles’ Harbor City neighbourhood, a teenage girl was brutally assaulted at McDonald’s.

The incident at a McDonald’s in Southern California involved a teenage girl who was attacked. Shockingly, bystanders chose to record the altercation instead of intervening, and the videos have since gone viral.

Kassidy recounted the woman’s aggressive words towards her, “What the heck are you all staring at? I am not afraid to fight kids or even you.”

In California, a Democratic Party campaign rewarded its canvassers with free drink tickets at a drag show. The mayor attended the event, who was playfully spanked on stage.

In a disturbing incident at a McDonald’s restaurant in the Harbor City neighbourhood of Los Angeles, bystanders were seen recording an attack but not offering any help to the victim. The incident was caught on camera, and KTTV obtained the video footage.

As the incident unfolded, onlookers could be heard shouting in alarm and recording the distressing scene on their phones. Sadly, the only individual who appeared to come to Kassidy’s aid was a man reportedly accompanying the suspect.

After the incident, Kassidy’s mother promptly called the police and rushed her daughter to the hospital. A photograph taken after the ordeal revealed Kassidy with visible swelling and bruises.

Local leaders and the Oakland NAACP are expressing their frustration over the city’s failure to apply for retail theft funds before the deadline, especially amid a recent surge in crime. The missed opportunity is seen as a setback in addressing the issue, a growing concern for the community.

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