Colorado's Biggest and Most Dangerous Gangs Continue to Grow

The largest and most dangerous gangs in Colorado Continue to Expand

The state of Colorado boasts a thriving and diverse community, but like any bustling population, it also faces the challenge of crime. Major cities such as Denver and Colorado Springs are particularly susceptible to criminal activity due to their size and density. These urban areas are also home to a greater number of individuals involved in gang activities. It’s worth noting that gang-related offenses are a significant issue throughout the state, not just limited to larger metropolitan areas.

In Colorado, gang activity can be linked to a range of criminal offenses, such as money laundering, burglary, illegal possession of weapons, and drug trafficking. If you come across graffiti in an area, it could be an indicator of gang activity. Street gangs usually use graffiti to mark their territory and to show their presence to rival groups.

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According to police reports in 2017, there were around 38,000 gang members affiliated with 220 distinct gangs in Denver. Meanwhile, in Colorado Springs, law enforcement officers documented 97 gangs and approximately 1,300 gang members during the same year, as reported by Fox21 News.

According to the gang census statistics gathered in Colorado five years ago, the overall population of gangs has been increasing. It is safe to assume that the numbers have only gone up since then. Unfortunately, not every agency in the state publishes information on gang-related activity and crimes, making it difficult to determine accurate annual data.

Denver and its surrounding areas have long been known for the sustained and powerful presence of two nationwide street gangs – the Bloods and the Crips. It is estimated that there are over 2,000 members of these gangs residing in the Mile High City. The Bloods can be identified by their trademark red attire, while the Crips are known for sporting blue.

Two of the biggest gangs in the state, besides the notorious Bloods and Crips, are the SureƱos 13 and the Nortenos, according to a report by the Justice Department.

Denver is home to various notorious criminal gangs including The Gallant Knights Insane, Rollin’ 30, and the 211 Crew. Hells Angels, a motorcycle gang, also has a strong presence throughout Colorado. These gangs have been linked to brutal and violent acts, making them a serious threat to public safety.

As per the authorities, the majority of the violent incidents that take place in the city involve gang-related activities. However, this does not diminish the gravity of the situation, as it still poses a serious threat to public safety. Unfortunately, there have been instances where innocent people have been caught in the middle, resulting in tragic outcomes for everyone involved.

Colorado has numerous law enforcement agencies that have established specialized gang units to tackle gang-related crimes in their respective communities. These units are dedicated to combating the menace of gangs and ensuring the safety of the public.

The National Gang Center is a great resource for anyone seeking information about gangs. You can find useful information about gangs in Texas by visiting the website. The FBI’s Violent Gang Task Force is another great resource for those looking to understand the nature of violent gangs. Additionally, Colorado’s National Gang Center provides valuable information about the gang problem in that state. By accessing these resources, individuals can gain a better understanding of gangs and how to combat gang-related activities.

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