Police Arrest 2 Women for Allegedly Brandishing BB Gun

Police Arrest 2 Women for Allegedly Brandishing BB Gun at 2 Men in Newburgh

On Tuesday, Oct. 10, at approximately 3 p.m., an incident occurred at the Newburgh Inn, the former Hudson Valley Hotel located on Route 17K in Orange County’s Newburgh.

According to Lt. Peter Talarico of the Newburgh Police Department, officers were dispatched to the hotel, where they found the victims. The victims reported that two women had brandished a firearm at them before fleeing into a room.

According to Talarico, despite the police’s request, the investigation revealed that the two women remained in the room and refused to come out.

The department was left with no choice but to request assistance from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department after negotiations to have the women leave the room fell through.

Talarico mentioned that the two women willingly left the room and were apprehended soon after. After a thorough investigation, law enforcement officers discovered a BB gun designed to resemble a handgun in the same room.

Two individuals from Bronx NY, Jolisse Gonzalez (24) and Maria Santos-Arias (26), were arrested in connection with the incident.

The charges brought against both women were for menacing, while Santos-Arias received an additional order for criminal possession of a weapon.

An appearance ticket was issued, resulting in their release.

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