Oklahoma City police seize three pounds of meth, arrest two in drug bust

Two drug dealers in Oklahoma City are arrested after police seize three pounds of meth

In a recent drug bust, the Oklahoma City police have confiscated a total of three pounds of methamphetamine and have arrested two individuals who were involved in the drug trade. The operation was carried out successfully, and the police were able to take these harmful drugs off the streets. This action is a part of the police department’s ongoing efforts to combat drug trafficking and keep the city’s citizens safe from the dangers of illegal drugs. The police officials have lauded the actions of their team and remain committed to keeping up the fight against drug-related crimes.

In a recent drug bust, the Oklahoma City police have seized three pounds of meth and arrested two individuals.

The city of Oklahoma is buzzing with excitement as KOKH brings you the latest news update.

The Oklahoma City Police Department’s Street Narcotics Unit has apprehended two individuals in a recent operation.

As per the statement given by OKCPD, the authorities confiscated a quantity of nearly three pounds of meth, a 1/4-pound of Fentanyl, and four firearms during their investigation.

Two individuals have been arrested in Oklahoma City for their involvement in a drug bust where the police seized three pounds of methamphetamine. This incident took place recently and is a significant success for the authorities in their fight against drug trafficking. The police have not disclosed the identity of the individuals arrested or any further details regarding the operation. However, this achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the law enforcement agencies in keeping the community safe from the harmful effects of drugs.

Two individuals were arrested in a drug bust conducted by the Oklahoma City police, with three pounds of methamphetamine seized.

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