New York State conduct a significant arrest operation

After conducting a thorough six-month investigation, the Local Drug Task Force has charged a 30-year-old individual from Batavia for drug dealing.

Leonard A. Johnson, III, is facing serious charges of criminal sale and possession of a controlled substance. These charges are not to be taken lightly as they are classified as Class B felonies. Johnson is being accused of committing two counts of each offense, which makes the situation even more grave. The allegations are severe, and the legal consequences of the charges can be severe as well.

According to the allegations, Johnson was involved in the sale of crack cocaine to a task force agent in Batavia during two separate instances.

After his arraignment in County Court, Johnson was able to secure his release on his own recognizance. This comes after the sealed Grand Jury indictment was presented.

With the aid of Sheriff’s deputies and the District Attorney’s Office, the task force successfully conducted the investigation and arrest of Johnson.

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