Rockville Resident Convicted for Fatal Drunk Driving Crash

Rockville Resident Convicted for Fatal Drunk Driving Crash

According to the renowned broadcast television station, NBC4 Washington, a Rockville local has been convicted in a tragic drunk driving incident that resulted in a fatality. Stay tuned to their comprehensive coverage of the case to learn more about its impact on the community.

According to recent reports, Kevin Orihuela, a man from Maryland, has been found guilty of causing a deadly car accident that claimed the life of another driver.

According to the prosecutors, Orihuela had indulged in 11 mimosas within a span of two hours before getting behind the wheel.

As captured by a surveillance camera at a friend’s birthday brunch, Orihuela was seen sipping on some mimosas.

According to reports, Orihuela was driving his white Audi A4 at a dangerously high speed which resulted in a collision with another vehicle. Tragically, the accident claimed the life of 62-year-old Noel Powell.

According to the latest reports, Orihuela has been found guilty of vehicular homicide and is now facing a minimum of ten years in prison. This conviction has brought a sense of closure to those affected by the tragic incident. The consequences of reckless driving can be severe and it’s important to remember the importance of responsible driving to prevent further tragedies like this from occurring in the future.

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